Month in the life of my kids

Throughout the month of March, I came back to this post and wrote down funny, clever, sweet, interesting or otherwise blog worthy things my kids said or did. Here’s the final product:

2 1/2 year old daughter:

  • I was tickling her back and my son said he could see her butt. I said uh oh! Booty crack! 5 minutes later, she’s walking around the family room with her underwear and pants pulled half way down her butt, saying “BOOOOTY crack! BOOOOOTY crack!” in the funniest little stinker voice you can imagine and looking back at her butt. It was one of the most awesome and funny things I’ve ever seen her do.
  • A little weird, sorry…but a little tiny silicone rubberband somehow got stuck in the very top of her buttcrack. I asked, “How did that get there???” and she answers, “I think the mousey put it in my butt!!” (I have no idea what mousey  she’s talking about!)
  • I had a procedure on my back where I couldn’t bend or lift for a while, so no holding or lifting my daughter. I could for a while again when she looked up at me at bedtime and said, “you bend over? You lift me? You all better now?” Awwww…so sweet. But a little sad too. Wish they didn’t have to be burdened with my back problems.
  • Talking about how old they are…she says, “I got born cause I’m blonde.” Just super funny the way she said it too.
  • “You shouldn’t eat ice…your teeth will melt.”
  • She comes in the house and then was sitting very quietly on the couch that faces away from the kitchen so I couldn’t see what she was doing. (I should have know something was up) I thought she was just sitting there. Then she finally turns around… “I was very hungry, I had some carrots.” chocolate dribbling down her chin… Yep, she had Easter “carrots.”
  • Getting dressed in the morning, she shakes her butt after she gets her undies off. I ask her, “What was the little booty shake was for?” With a smile, she says, “For the babies.”
  • I ask, “Are you a little one?” She answers, “Yeah. I’m not big, but I’m growin up! My birthday is my birthday and then I’m growin up!”
  • Cleaning her up after waffles. Me, ” You’re a little messy.” Her, “I’m a lot messy! No, I’m a little messy. No, I’m a FOX messy!”

5 1/2 year old son:

  • He’s talking about tornadoes. He says what if there were tornadoes that did this or that. Then he says, what if there were tornadoes that threw statues at you? For some reason this made me LOL for a long time. We both laughed as we imagined a tornado whipping statues at people with real arms. I told him that tornadoes could technically do this for real, but our interpretation was much better 🙂
  • The kids start out in the same room at daycare until there are enough kids to split into age specific rooms. I watched on the camera one day that when my son leaves the room, he stops and gives my daughter a hug. So sweet. I asked him if he does that every day, and he said, yes.
  • Son, daughter, and I praying before bed…I ask what they think we should pray about. They come up with the usual stuff. Then son says, “Oh! And thank you God that we don’t get covered in lava!” (Because just think how foolish and terrible you’d feel if you DIDN’T pray for that and then that big ole lava flow comes pouring down the street!)
  • Another praying one, lol. Praying at the table. “Mommy, can we pray again? (after thanking God for the food and asking for a nice day) Dear God…and let us have… a nice LUCKY CHARMS!” (we have never bought Lucky Charms and I bought them as a special treat)
  • A big Rottweiler   walks past us, son leans over and whispers in my ear “Mama, do dogs have tushies?” So funny because I don’t think I’ve ever heard him use that word before. We usually say booty (as seen above in my daughter’s quotes, lol.)
  • We’re moving my daughter into a big girl bed. My son says, “Mommy, why are you sad?” I say, “Because she is growing up.” He says,”Don’t be sad, that’s a good thing!” Little buddy…you are wise.
  • There was an album cover on Pandora that had a bunch of animal heads all morphed together. I said, what if there was an animal that had 5 heads? He says, “I know, that’s what I was thinking about in my bed.” Apparently he’s psychic and very imaginative.
    • I also was trying to tell him about the Jackson 5, and I  get another, “I already know (we get that a lot lately)” but he added, “I heard about it in Krem TV (The smartboard room at his daycare/school).” Sorry bud, while I would love if they were teaching that wide of a subject matter, I highly doubt that 😉
  • My son, daughter, and I were standing in a row (me, then him, then daughter) and he says, “Hey mama, it’s like stairs (not sure what he means at first). You’re tall. Then I’m a little shorter. Then sister is the shortest!”
  • After they have running around all day…Me, “You smell like sweat!” Him, “You smell like ants!”

Adulting is too hard, part 3: Cooking

In my last installment of how adulting is just too hard, I shall comment how I just can’t get my act together in cooking. I’ve already established the fact that I can’t keep my house clean or organized to save my life and that my children are slowly killing me. So now I ask, how the heck do people do it? How do people manage to cook a meal every night? Especially if they work full time? When I took off for 2 years after I had my second child and was home during the day, I cooked many nights throughout the week. Nothing fancy, but I could manage to pinterest something together and prepare something somewhat home cooked for my family.

But now that I’m working. FORGET ABOUT IT. I just can’t figure it out. I’m so tired all the time. By the time I get the kids picked up from daycare, we get in the house and settled in, it’s after 5:00, sometimes after 6:00. Who wants to make dinner at that point? I have zero energy to do it. I’m often in pain. There’s not enough time. I probably had no time to shop, so there’s probably not enough food to put together a good meal anyway.

So what do we eat? Some nights…cereal. Lots of nights, unfortunately…fast food. Other nights, something super easy like pancakes or eggs or mac and cheese. If I want to get really fancy, we might have spaghetti. I also feel really accomplished if I make hamburger helper. Go mom!

I feel really bad. I know other parents cook dinner for their families. Parents who work. I just can’t seem to get it figured out. I really want to. I want my kids eating something more healthy. Something more home cooked and made with love by their mom. But most days, I just don’t have it in me.

So super parents…how in the heck do you do it? Where do you get this super human power to create a meal after work?? How do I learn your ways? (And if you say you cook it on the weekends and then freeze it or eat it throughout the week, I try that and am only successful once in a blue moon…I’m still too tired on the weekends or too busy!)

Actually, I think I just need a cook.



Yesterday was a sad post about being on Spring break but knowing it was going to end. So today I’ll be happier 🙂

What a nice day it has been. After the kids slept late, we all had cereal in our pjs together at the kitchen table. I even gave in and bought Lucky Charms yesterday as a fun Spring Break treat, so 5.5 year old son was super excited about breakfast  🙂

Then we spent the next couple of hours just relaxing. Playing with toys. Wrestling and tickle fighting. Reading. Easy fun. No pressure to go anywhere or do anything. I just knew I wanted to get outside and enjoy the nice weather at some point.

And we did. We took a beautiful walk to the park that is a little farther from our house (as opposed to the one across the street that we always go to) to soak up the sun and get a little exercise. The kids played for an hour. Just running and climbing and”look at me mommy!” -ing  and jumping and asking to be pushed on the “big girl swings” and being bounced by mommy on this sort of standing teeter totter thing and trying and trying and trying again to climb up the super steep slide that he’s been working on for weeks. (still never quite made it but he was so close!) After everyone was tuckered out and hungry, we headed back for another lovely walk home, hand in hand (well 2.5 year old daughter was getting chauffeured).


A day in my old life

It’s Spring Break and today I had a playdate with my best friend and a couple other friends. It was at BFF’s house and the kids ran around like crazy and had fun while us adults chatted the day away. It’s a day like I had a hundreds of times over the 2 years I was off after I had my second child. Every week, my best friend and I would get together twice. Once at her house, once at mine, or we’d go out somewhere. But we’d hang out twice a week and our kids would play. It was wonderful.

Then I went back to work. After 2 years. It was so so unbelievably hard for lots and lots of reasons that I won’t get into right now. But today I spent a day in my old life. And it was  nice. But just like the weekend is tainted with the coming of Monday, so was this day. It felt sort of like a day in my old life. It looked like it. All the same people were there. But the feeling was just a little off. And it made me sad that I don’t get to do this again next week. Or the week after that. My friend will go on and make plans for next week to go to the zoo or the museum, and I’ll be back at work. I’m just not part of that life anymore. I miss spending that kind of time with my kids. And I miss my best friend.



I just want to see them happy

My son has been having some trouble at school lately.  We think maybe it’s stemming from there not being very many kids in his class. Of those kids, there are only 3 boys. Those boys…aren’t the nicest. So they either don’t really include him or when they do they are not the nicest boys and not the best influence I’d like my son to be around. Or they are mean to him. And the girls sometimes play with him but also often exclude him it seems. Sigh. It makes me sad.

So today, at Easter, when I see him running around, having the time of his life with his best friend. Having no issues that have been mentioned at school. Playing with another nice boy. Being included. Just being a kid. I made my heart happy and hurt all at once. Happy that it was happening and that he was having this most wonderful day. Hurt that he can’t have a day like this every day. Hopeful that maybe he can have days like this soon next school year. But in the moment, mostly just happy. So happy that he was happy today. So very very happy.

As much as they drive me crazy (as referenced in my previous adulting part 2: parenting blog, lol) I just want to see them happy.

It was good, but it was no custodian sermon

Our pastor left our church about 2 years ago. I am still super bummed about this. He was great. Funny but not too funny. Edgy but not too edgy. A little sarcastic. Creative.  Innovative with his sermons. I mean, the guy brought a live camel on the stage once. That was memorable. But he didn’t over do things. He wasn’t going over the top all the time. It was all done with a point. I miss him.

The best sermon EVER was the very first Easter Service we ever saw of his. He told it from the point of view of the custodian cleaning up after the crucifixion. That sounds maybe bloodier than it really was. It was just sort of a side view or an ordinary onlooker’s view/behind the scene’s view of what happened. And it was awesome. The most powerful message I’d ever heard. And have ever since. And it was nothing too flashy. It was just the way he told it. Great writing and great delivery. He was a really good actor.

The last day he was there, I didn’t realize how attached I had gotten. I mean, we went to church as much as we could, but we don’t go every single week, and we’re not part of the church like many others are. But they put together a freaking photo montage and blasted the emotional music and GOSH DARN IT, I am the BIGGEST SUCKER for photo montages. I think that’s why I still watch the Biggest Loser. It’s so inspirational when they put on that music!!!!  It wouldn’t even have mattered that it was my pastor leaving. It could be a bunch of photos of doorknobs or dish soap, but fade pictures in and out and play “Fight Song” or “Wind Beneath my FREAKING Wings” and let the tears and bellowing commence.

Anyway, so today was Easter Service. Our new pastor is okay. He’s sort of funny. He’s kind of creative. And maybe if I wasn’t comparing him to the old guy, I’d like him better. But I just can’t help it. Today, he tried to have some cool symbolism. But for a while it was quite lost on me. He had a coffin on stage. Yiiiiikes. It was like my worst nightmare. He just kept talking about dying and how we’re all going to die and go in the coffin and I wanted to run screaming!!! I knew what he was getting at, but I was like WHERE IS MY OLD PASTOR????!!! (and I might need some xanax if you don’t stop talking about how I’m going to be in that coffin!!) It eventually got better and the ending was kind of good, but it definitely was no custodian sermon…sigh.


Music takes you back

There are SO many songs that can instantly take me back to a specific moment in time. Or a feeling. Or just a general memory. I thought I would try to come up with some. So here is my rather eclectic group of songs and where they take me when I hear them:

“Don’t Look Back” by Boston (specifically the guitar solo)- Well, I love this song and this solo, so I listen to it a lot, but I love it so much, but because the core memory for it is driving down the hill on Route 31 in Cary,  IL (where I used to live) with my dad (are you surprised this is linked to my dad??) when I’m maybe 11 or 12 years old. Just before the solo starts, he gives the little tidbit about how it’s one of the greatest guitar solos in the history of music, and then he cranks the volume. My pulse races. I get goosebumps. I lose myself in the music. It’s one of the most incredible 25 seconds or so of music I’ve ever experienced. And listening to it with my dad makes it even better.

“Dancing Queen” by Abba and “Time of Your Life” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes – Both of these  songs instantly transport me back to my wedding. I close my eyes and I see my wedding dress and I’m out on the dance floor “having the time of my life.” Dancing at my wedding was one of the best and most fun things I’ve ever done and these two songs (along with some others) help me remember those fun times.

“Stuck With You” by Huey Lewis and the News– my husband. It was the song that played as we got introduced at our wedding, but Huey Lewis in general is a memory for my husband all the way back to when I met him. We’re not even old enough to have had that be popular when we were in high school, but he really liked it, so he always listened to it. “Closing Time” by Semisonic is another one that reminds me of him too. And most Matchbox 20 because we went to a concert right before we started dating. There’s so much that reminds me out him and makes me smile when I hear it come on 🙂 “You and Me” by Lifehouse is a good schmoopy song that reminds me of him too. It’s in our wedding video.

“True Blue” (or really anything from that album)- by Madonna- This one takes me back to my house in Streamwood, IL. I can see the floor to ceiling mirror with the cork board wall in the living room. Yes, one whole wall in the living room was made entirely of cork…well and the huge mirror. It was awesomely 70’s. I can see the reddish brown carpet and close myself up in the sound proof rec room with the disco ball and black and white checked couch. But where this song really takes me to is cleaning the house with my mom. She would be play the entire album every time she cleaned the house. I would help her and dance and sing along as I did. You see, as much as my music memories come from my dad, my mom had a lot to do with them too.

“Good Riddance” by Green Day– high school. It’s a break up song. It came out at the beginning of my senior year. It was very fitting. I remember getting all teary eyed listening to it at homecoming. Ah, high school emotions. Although, I still get a little emotional hearing it now 🙂

“Fight for Your Right” by Beastie Boys– my brother. We used to actually yell this song out the door of his bedroom, along with his childhood best friend, when that friend’s parents were visiting with my parents. We thought it was hilarious.

“Use Your Love” (aka The Tonight Song, as my son calls it)– my 5.5 year old son. He for whatever reason loved this song whenever it came on when he was a baby and toddler. So it became a thing! Whenever it came on, he would yell, “the tonight song!!” and we would go dance. “We Found Love” By Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris is also a favorite…we call it the “jumping song” because it’s got a part in it that you just have to jump! Again, every time it comes on, we have to find each other and at least do the jumping part together. I love it ❤

“For the First Time in Forever” from Frozen– don’t hear that on the radio, but it’s my 2.5 year old daughter’s song. Oh my goodness. She get’s SO EXCITED. Her eyes light up! She comes running to find me!! “Dance wish me!! Dance wish me!!” And it has to be a slow dance with her in my arms. I twirl her and sing to her and she gets this serene look on her face like there’s nothing better in the whole world. And at that moment, there isn’t. “Uptown Funk” is another funny one that reminds me of her. She calls its the “doh doh” song. I had no idea what she was talking about for a long time…but go ahead and listen to the beginning and you’ll get it…

There are SOOOOOOOO many more. I could go on forever. But I’ll stop here so as not to bore you any more 😉


Adulting is Too Hard, Part 2: Parenting

Earlier in the month, I talked about how adulting was just too hard and I couldn’t get my act in gear to clean my house. Well, here’s a shocking update on that…my house is still a mess.

My next installment on how hard and awful adulting can be…parenting. This stuff is just hard. Like really hard. How do people do this?? How do people survive their children’s childhood? And my kids aren’t even teenagers yet? I mean, if it’s this hard now, will I just get committed to a  psych ward when my kids become teenagers?

Sure you see all the sunshine and roses on Facebook…I’m guilty of that too (heck, I’ve done that on here already!) but behind the screen, the real children are pushing their brothers, spitting at their classmates, hitting each other, snatching toys, whining, yelling ‘no’ to and I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT!! The smaller stuff I can handle (sort of), but some of this big kid stuff..yikes. They are turning into little people with real little people problems. I’m not a social worker! I’m not a psychologist! I’m just a mom! Who decided I had the expertise to do this?! What were they thinking when they let me drive home with them from the hospital? What do I do with all of these problems?

How did my parents not just leave us in a parking lot and drive off? Especially my brother. He sucked.

“Good Movie, Hard to Follow”

Those are my dad’s infamous words after countlessly falling asleep during a movie. I seem to have followed in his footsteps.

Seriously, how many times do I have to watch a movie these days to actually finish it from start to finish? This weekend it took me 3 times to get to the end of Captain America. I had already seen it, so it wasn’t as bad, but still. So annoying. And that’s probably about the norm for most other movies I try to watch! Doesn’t matter what it is..if it is started past 5:00 p.m. there’s pretty much no hope.

Inner dialogue, “This movie is great!…Wide awake…getting a little sleepy..I’m still good, still into the movie!…eyes droop for a second…I can still do th..zoooooooonk.”


I can try to blame it on being a mom as it has gotten worse since then, but I’ve always done it!