Who needs a zumba class?!

I have spent the last week mixing together the music for the teacher dance for our school’s talent show. That took quite a while but being a music teacher (can you tell by my love of dance and zumba that I am a music teacher??) I actually kind of enjoy the process of trying to get all the songs to fit together and then love how it sounds when it all comes together. I thought that’s where my responsibilities ended…not so much.

I planned on being in the teacher dance. I did not plan on choreographing it! However, our choreographer became ill, and it was at the point that if someone didn’t come up with something soon, we wouldn’t have anything and my work on the music would be for nothing too. So now I have to come up with a dance too! Time to pull out the zumba moves!!

After piecing together a few moves from my classes, a few moves from the internet, and a few moves of my own, I had a dance! Then came last night, when I had to video it so the teachers could practice it on their own. Seems easy enough, right? I even did the facing forward version perfect on the first try! Go me! Except my husband did not tell me how low the battery was when he hit record, and it died right at the end of the song…awesome. So 4 takes later, I had it! Easy peasy (sense the sarcasm). Then I had to do it again, facing away from the camera. Again, 2 or 3 takes.

So who needs a zumba class?? I made up my own moves and got at least a 45 minute workout between practicing it 4 or 5 times before the camera rolled and the 5 or 6 times I did it on camera! Maybe I SHOULD become an instructor….no thanks!!

Now I only wish I had remembered to wear shoes while I was doing all that practicing. My back is killing me. More on that later…


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