A new skill!

My 2 1/2 year old daughter can pedal! She could sort of do it a few months ago, but she can really do it now! She wanted to go to the park today but we didn’t have time, so she asked if she could play in the backyard. I said yes, and then she ever so cutely asked if I could bring her bike (big wheel) out. I told her to try pedaling and expected a NO! but to my surprise, she went right to it! She yells, “Mommy I’m pedaling!” She was so funny though because our back yard patio kind slopes down, so when she tried coming back up towards the house, she says “It not workin!”LOL. You need a little more oomph kid!

Now we just need to work on that whole steering thing šŸ™‚ “Mommy, I in the bush now!” LOL


6 thoughts on “A new skill!

  1. Love this. I remember when my oldest learned to peddle, too. I was so excited for her! (It’s the little things.)

    I love how you added her dialogue in here – it’s not working and Mommy, I in the bush now. So funny!

    I have a feeling spring is going to bring lots of firsts for her!


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