My dinner date with my best friend reminded me of this:


You see, I’ve been looking forward to this dinner tonight since we made plans on Sunday. We had so much to talk about. But then as the minutes passed, I could feel the time slipping away, and the enjoyable time I was having being poisoned by the anxiety of the end of the conversation looming in the distance. There is suddenly a sense of urgency to cram in as many “talking points” and things to get off my chest as possible before the night fades away, and I am back alone with my thoughts on my way home.

There’s just never enough time to talk with your best friend.


4 thoughts on “Smonday

  1. You described this part of the day/evening perfectly! I think as a neurotic person myself, I self-sabotage moments that should be relaxing for exactly the reasons you described. It’s hard to just BE PRESENT in the moment sometimes!


    1. Yep. This not only describes last night, but pretty much every relaxing or non work moment of my life. The second I start to relax, I’m already thinking that soon it will be over and it I’ll be back doing whatever I was doing before. Sigh.


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