Friday night tired

It’s Friday. It’s  been a long week. It’s been a long day. My back hurts. The students have been insane. A kid punched another kid before I could even walk in the room. Kids are doing in appropriate things when I turn my back. I’m tired. I was at a school function until 8:30 tonight. (I sang! I’ll blog about that another day 🙂 )

I have nothing creative or introspective or funny or clever to say tonight. Sorry slicing world…this is the best I have tonight.



4 thoughts on “Friday night tired

  1. No apologies. You showed up. You told your story. Be proud of that! I had a student spit on another this week. I get the disappointment and frustration when they make bad choices. I hope a good night of sleep helps! You showed up! Keep showing up!


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