My kids playing

I love to see my kids (5.5 boy and 2.5 girl) really playing together. Like, real imaginative play. They were up in my daughter’s room playing “sleep” for an hour and it was the cutest thing in the world. And it made my heart happy. Happy that they were getting along. Happy that they were actually playing together. (“tuck me in,” “now tuck me in!”) Happy that they were using their imagination and didn’t even need real toys, just pillows and blankets and maybe a few stuffed animals. Happy that it didn’t take a screen.

It didn’t last forever…even as I type this blog, they are now fighting and crying. But at least there was a little childhood magic happening for a brief time. And I got it on video as proof 😉


7 thoughts on “My kids playing

  1. I love this. This is how my girls mostly play – they play ‘family’ and ‘swim lessons’ and ‘school.’ It really is so cute.

    They also slip into fighting pretty quickly as well. :0


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