Adulting is Too Hard, Part 2: Parenting

Earlier in the month, I talked about how adulting was just too hard and I couldn’t get my act in gear to clean my house. Well, here’s a shocking update on that…my house is still a mess.

My next installment on how hard and awful adulting can be…parenting. This stuff is just hard. Like really hard. How do people do this?? How do people survive their children’s childhood? And my kids aren’t even teenagers yet? I mean, if it’s this hard now, will I just get committed to a  psych ward when my kids become teenagers?

Sure you see all the sunshine and roses on Facebook…I’m guilty of that too (heck, I’ve done that on here already!) but behind the screen, the real children are pushing their brothers, spitting at their classmates, hitting each other, snatching toys, whining, yelling ‘no’ to and I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT!! The smaller stuff I can handle (sort of), but some of this big kid stuff..yikes. They are turning into little people with real little people problems. I’m not a social worker! I’m not a psychologist! I’m just a mom! Who decided I had the expertise to do this?! What were they thinking when they let me drive home with them from the hospital? What do I do with all of these problems?

How did my parents not just leave us in a parking lot and drive off? Especially my brother. He sucked.

4 thoughts on “Adulting is Too Hard, Part 2: Parenting

  1. Ha. I enjoyed this well-written rant. It’s honest and cathartic yet still lighthearted. Agreed- this parenting task is so challenging. I always know I’m in trouble when I end a day by frantically searching for and ordering a new discipline book on Amazon. That happened today!


  2. I appreciate your honest sharing of adulting, which I like by the way. I, too, think it’s super challenging. I don’t have an answer, just know you’re not alone!


  3. I totally agree with you! I got myself into a situation with my son tonight that I have absolutely no idea how it happened. And now I am thinking, “What the heck????”


  4. Oh yes! I’m right there with you! In fact, just last week I told my husband I was done being an adult. I was turning in my adulting card. Case closed. And then one of those little buggers comes and wraps their arms around your neck and says “I love you mom” and I remember why I got myself into this mess in the first place. 😉


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