I just want to see them happy

My son has been having some trouble at school lately.  We think maybe it’s stemming from there not being very many kids in his class. Of those kids, there are only 3 boys. Those boys…aren’t the nicest. So they either don’t really include him or when they do they are not the nicest boys and not the best influence I’d like my son to be around. Or they are mean to him. And the girls sometimes play with him but also often exclude him it seems. Sigh. It makes me sad.

So today, at Easter, when I see him running around, having the time of his life with his best friend. Having no issues that have been mentioned at school. Playing with another nice boy. Being included. Just being a kid. I made my heart happy and hurt all at once. Happy that it was happening and that he was having this most wonderful day. Hurt that he can’t have a day like this every day. Hopeful that maybe he can have days like this soon next school year. But in the moment, mostly just happy. So happy that he was happy today. So very very happy.

As much as they drive me crazy (as referenced in my previous adulting part 2: parenting blog, lol) I just want to see them happy.

3 thoughts on “I just want to see them happy

  1. No one told me, when I adopted my boys, how very, very hard this parenting thing was going to be. Especially watching them when they are struggling! Sounds like your son’s school issues are situationally induced, so glad he had a good day today!


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