Yesterday was a sad post about being on Spring break but knowing it was going to end. So today I’ll be happier 🙂

What a nice day it has been. After the kids slept late, we all had cereal in our pjs together at the kitchen table. I even gave in and bought Lucky Charms yesterday as a fun Spring Break treat, so 5.5 year old son was super excited about breakfast  🙂

Then we spent the next couple of hours just relaxing. Playing with toys. Wrestling and tickle fighting. Reading. Easy fun. No pressure to go anywhere or do anything. I just knew I wanted to get outside and enjoy the nice weather at some point.

And we did. We took a beautiful walk to the park that is a little farther from our house (as opposed to the one across the street that we always go to) to soak up the sun and get a little exercise. The kids played for an hour. Just running and climbing and”look at me mommy!” -ing  and jumping and asking to be pushed on the “big girl swings” and being bounced by mommy on this sort of standing teeter totter thing and trying and trying and trying again to climb up the super steep slide that he’s been working on for weeks. (still never quite made it but he was so close!) After everyone was tuckered out and hungry, we headed back for another lovely walk home, hand in hand (well 2.5 year old daughter was getting chauffeured).



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