Month in the life of my kids

Throughout the month of March, I came back to this post and wrote down funny, clever, sweet, interesting or otherwise blog worthy things my kids said or did. Here’s the final product:

2 1/2 year old daughter:

  • I was tickling her back and my son said he could see her butt. I said uh oh! Booty crack! 5 minutes later, she’s walking around the family room with her underwear and pants pulled half way down her butt, saying “BOOOOTY crack! BOOOOOTY crack!” in the funniest little stinker voice you can imagine and looking back at her butt. It was one of the most awesome and funny things I’ve ever seen her do.
  • A little weird, sorry…but a little tiny silicone rubberband somehow got stuck in the very top of her buttcrack. I asked, “How did that get there???” and she answers, “I think the mousey put it in my butt!!” (I have no idea what mousey  she’s talking about!)
  • I had a procedure on my back where I couldn’t bend or lift for a while, so no holding or lifting my daughter. I could for a while again when she looked up at me at bedtime and said, “you bend over? You lift me? You all better now?” Awwww…so sweet. But a little sad too. Wish they didn’t have to be burdened with my back problems.
  • Talking about how old they are…she says, “I got born cause I’m blonde.” Just super funny the way she said it too.
  • “You shouldn’t eat ice…your teeth will melt.”
  • She comes in the house and then was sitting very quietly on the couch that faces away from the kitchen so I couldn’t see what she was doing. (I should have know something was up) I thought she was just sitting there. Then she finally turns around… “I was very hungry, I had some carrots.” chocolate dribbling down her chin… Yep, she had Easter “carrots.”
  • Getting dressed in the morning, she shakes her butt after she gets her undies off. I ask her, “What was the little booty shake was for?” With a smile, she says, “For the babies.”
  • I ask, “Are you a little one?” She answers, “Yeah. I’m not big, but I’m growin up! My birthday is my birthday and then I’m growin up!”
  • Cleaning her up after waffles. Me, ” You’re a little messy.” Her, “I’m a lot messy! No, I’m a little messy. No, I’m a FOX messy!”

5 1/2 year old son:

  • He’s talking about tornadoes. He says what if there were tornadoes that did this or that. Then he says, what if there were tornadoes that threw statues at you? For some reason this made me LOL for a long time. We both laughed as we imagined a tornado whipping statues at people with real arms. I told him that tornadoes could technically do this for real, but our interpretation was much better 🙂
  • The kids start out in the same room at daycare until there are enough kids to split into age specific rooms. I watched on the camera one day that when my son leaves the room, he stops and gives my daughter a hug. So sweet. I asked him if he does that every day, and he said, yes.
  • Son, daughter, and I praying before bed…I ask what they think we should pray about. They come up with the usual stuff. Then son says, “Oh! And thank you God that we don’t get covered in lava!” (Because just think how foolish and terrible you’d feel if you DIDN’T pray for that and then that big ole lava flow comes pouring down the street!)
  • Another praying one, lol. Praying at the table. “Mommy, can we pray again? (after thanking God for the food and asking for a nice day) Dear God…and let us have… a nice LUCKY CHARMS!” (we have never bought Lucky Charms and I bought them as a special treat)
  • A big Rottweiler   walks past us, son leans over and whispers in my ear “Mama, do dogs have tushies?” So funny because I don’t think I’ve ever heard him use that word before. We usually say booty (as seen above in my daughter’s quotes, lol.)
  • We’re moving my daughter into a big girl bed. My son says, “Mommy, why are you sad?” I say, “Because she is growing up.” He says,”Don’t be sad, that’s a good thing!” Little buddy…you are wise.
  • There was an album cover on Pandora that had a bunch of animal heads all morphed together. I said, what if there was an animal that had 5 heads? He says, “I know, that’s what I was thinking about in my bed.” Apparently he’s psychic and very imaginative.
    • I also was trying to tell him about the Jackson 5, and I  get another, “I already know (we get that a lot lately)” but he added, “I heard about it in Krem TV (The smartboard room at his daycare/school).” Sorry bud, while I would love if they were teaching that wide of a subject matter, I highly doubt that 😉
  • My son, daughter, and I were standing in a row (me, then him, then daughter) and he says, “Hey mama, it’s like stairs (not sure what he means at first). You’re tall. Then I’m a little shorter. Then sister is the shortest!”
  • After they have running around all day…Me, “You smell like sweat!” Him, “You smell like ants!”

5 thoughts on “Month in the life of my kids

  1. This is so sweet! And such a good idea to do! There are so many mommy moments that I want to remember, but often forget. I think I will try this. My favorite parts of yours are the easter “carrots” and the big brother hugs! Beautiful!


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