My kids playing

I love to see my kids (5.5 boy and 2.5 girl) really playing together. Like, real imaginative play. They were up in my daughter’s room playing “sleep” for an hour and it was the cutest thing in the world. And it made my heart happy. Happy that they were getting along. Happy that they were actually playing together. (“tuck me in,” “now tuck me in!”) Happy that they were using their imagination and didn’t even need real toys, just pillows and blankets and maybe a few stuffed animals. Happy that it didn’t take a screen.

It didn’t last forever…even as I type this blog, they are now fighting and crying. But at least there was a little childhood magic happening for a brief time. And I got it on video as proof 😉

So I’m a singer

So I’m a singer. A pretty good one. I was a vocal major in college. I still sing sometime now. I love singing and do it whenever I can. So, I thought I would serenade you today. So here for your listening pleasure… 🙂

My acoustic performance of “Hello” with another teacher this past Friday night at our school’s talent show:

“Somebody Loved” at my brother in law’s wedding:

“How Great Thou Art” at the same wedding:

“Ave Maria” at a friend’s wedding:

Solo from “Les Miserables” medley at a choir concert:

The Quiet of an Empty House

I’m here at home by myself. My husband took the kids to a birthday party, and I am here by myself for a little while. It’s so quiet. It’s a different kind of quiet than when the kids are sleeping. It’s like after bedtime, you can still hear the standby mode of parenthood. The possibility of having to deal with some kind of kid problem. But with them out of the house. It’s actually quiet. No responsibility. No mental mommy noise.

At least not for a little while.

Friday night tired

It’s Friday. It’s  been a long week. It’s been a long day. My back hurts. The students have been insane. A kid punched another kid before I could even walk in the room. Kids are doing in appropriate things when I turn my back. I’m tired. I was at a school function until 8:30 tonight. (I sang! I’ll blog about that another day 🙂 )

I have nothing creative or introspective or funny or clever to say tonight. Sorry slicing world…this is the best I have tonight.


A hard decision

So it turns out it doesn’t matter that my favorite zumba instructor left my gym. Because of my chronic pain, I’ve made the really hard decision to quit zumba 😦

As much as I love it. As much as I love dancing. As much as I love doing something I’m really good at. As much as I need something to look forward to. As much as I enjoy having a hobby (which I consider zumba to be). As much as I like having something fun to do out of the house that’s just for me. As much as I like that I can get exercise while dancing and not even really notice. I just can’t put myself through that anymore. I just can’t keep pounding my body into the ground week after week.

For so long, I kept having the attitude of “I’m not going to let this pain get the best of me! I’m going to do what I want anyway!” But now, that’s just irresponsible. For so long, I kept saying “Zumba makes me happy, and I need some happy things in my life.” But now, if zumba makes my already terrible, painfully awful back even worse for days after the class, which then in turn makes me feel all sad and mad inside…then it’s not really making me happy now, is it?

So I’m done. I may do a class here or there if my instructor is subbing, but otherwise I’m done. It was a good run, but I’m done putting myself in more pain than I’m already in. I’m so angry that my pain has made this decision for me. Angry that it has taken something else from me. Sad that I’ve lost something that I loved doing.




My dinner date with my best friend reminded me of this:


You see, I’ve been looking forward to this dinner tonight since we made plans on Sunday. We had so much to talk about. But then as the minutes passed, I could feel the time slipping away, and the enjoyable time I was having being poisoned by the anxiety of the end of the conversation looming in the distance. There is suddenly a sense of urgency to cram in as many “talking points” and things to get off my chest as possible before the night fades away, and I am back alone with my thoughts on my way home.

There’s just never enough time to talk with your best friend.

It sure was a Super Tuesday!

Because it was free cone day at Dairy Queen! After a very stressful evening last night with the kids, it was very nice to take them out after voting and get free cones and eat them outside. It felt so summery and carefree and fun.

And we voted. My 5 1/2 year old son voted for “who you voted for, mommy,” and my 2 1/2 year old daughter voted for “the sticker.” She may be on to something.

A new skill!

My 2 1/2 year old daughter can pedal! She could sort of do it a few months ago, but she can really do it now! She wanted to go to the park today but we didn’t have time, so she asked if she could play in the backyard. I said yes, and then she ever so cutely asked if I could bring her bike (big wheel) out. I told her to try pedaling and expected a NO! but to my surprise, she went right to it! She yells, “Mommy I’m pedaling!” She was so funny though because our back yard patio kind slopes down, so when she tried coming back up towards the house, she says “It not workin!”LOL. You need a little more oomph kid!

Now we just need to work on that whole steering thing 🙂 “Mommy, I in the bush now!” LOL

Kindergarten Basketball

Let’s have a happy slice today!

My son had his last basketball game today of his very first season playing. It’s a kindergarten league and has been interesting and entertaining! There’s been a lot of dancing around, poking each other, pulling their pants up as high as they can over their stomach, sliding around on the ground, and other general silliness, but the kids really have learned a lot throughout the short season and improved a lot since the first practice.

My son has a pretty short attention span and doesn’t seem to have the aggressive nature to go after the ball, but when he gets it, watch out, because the kid can shoot! He scored in most of the games including today! We were so excited!

Check out the short video below. Watch it until the end. He’s super cute as he runs down the court after he scores 🙂

Two sides of the coin

Today was unbelievably heartbreaking and wonderfully happy.

I went to the funeral of a 5 year old beautiful little girl (unfortunately, the parent’s 3rd and last child to die from the same terrible disease). This was the first time I had actually stayed for the entire service instead of just the wake, and it also being the last one…it was…gutwrenching. Throw in how it stirred up memories from my friend recently passing away, and it was a very tough service.

Then I attended my best friend’s twin’s second birthday. They are like family. I love this little boy and girl. I spent the 2 years I took off after having my own little girl hanging out with them. So celebrating with them and their family and friends is truly a blessing. And watching them and my little ones and all the kids run around and play shows you that life does go on.

And now, I’m resting having seen two sides of the coin today.