Chocolate, donuts, and something with a little extra kick

It was one of those days.

We made the switch to a big girl bed for my 2.5 year old daughter the other day. She loves it and is so excited because she’s a “big giiuurl” (I wish I could type out exactly how she pronounces it) But she’s been falling out every night since. For now, we just have her in the crib, with the rail off. We will get her a regular bed soon, just haven’t yet. So I think she may be falling out because it’s kind of small and she’s used to being able to move around…Anyhoo. Last night was the worst. She was up 4 times. 3 times falling out, once just sitting up in her bed crying. I WAS SO TIRED this morning. Made the decision to get a bed rail tonight, but that didn’t help the tired…

Then, some crazy bad awful terrible stress the rest of the day. Nothing dire, so no worries there. Just very very stressful and I couldn’t stop stressing about it all day. It ruined my whole day. My students were actually pretty good, but it was still the worst day, in a long time. I think I added some gray hairs.

So, I started light, with grabbing chocolate from the secretary’s stash. Then, there’s a dunkin donuts in the Walmart where I stopped to get the bed rail. So I stepped it up a notch and had some donut holes and half an oreo cheescake square. YU-UM. And now…now it’s time for something to really help the stress….

Mosca…I mean Calgon, take me away..