Today, she kills me…in a good way

So often, I am tired, I am frustrated, I am stressed out, and I lose my patience and the kids just get under my skin. Not today. Today, I was on my own with my 2.5 year old daughter running some errands, doing yardwork, and then doing bed time, and it was just the best.

She was in the best mood. Silly, happy, sassy, and SUPER girly. We were at Walmart and looking at some new clothes, and OH MY, I am in trouble. She had an opinion on everything. “I want that skirt with the hearts! Oooh, that’s so pretty! I want that pink one! No, I don’t like that shirt. Mommy, dresses! When can we pick the dresses??!” It was hilarious and sweet and fun and a little scary, lol. We also went and picked out a flower that would be hers out in our yard (mommy and brother already have one that is their own, so she kept asking where hers was, so of course we had to get her one!). That was super fun too. I let her peruse the flower aisles and then she finally decided on a dark pink knock out rose bush (what I wanted her to get, don’t know how that happened 🙂 )

Then she just spent the rest of the night be super cute and silly and just making me laugh. Her hair was a hot mess and she was wearing sparkly pink sunglasses, which just added to the hilarity. At bedtime, I’m supposed to be supervising her getting dressed, but I’m too busy laughing at her being silly that my husband finally had to come in and crack the whip and get her to actually get dressed, lol. Oops. Then she’s in the bathroom by herself, repeating some brand name I said over and over than saying wait that sounds like stinker!! OMG, it was just the best. She was cracking herself up. And me.

I love that girl.

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