Cover the Pain

Pain to heal pain, what a cruel joke.

As I try more and more fixes, my hope goes up in smoke.

I can’t remember a day without pain,

Each day that goes by makes me feel more insane.

Exhausted from feeling this way my life long,

I’m so tired of having to pretend I’m so strong.

Others think I am fine and deal with it so well.

They don’t see the inside,  I’m in my own hell.

But I keep walking forward, through the feeling of drain.

I wake up each morning and cover the pain.



15 thoughts on “Cover the Pain

  1. I’m so sorry for what you are going through. I covered things up for years and years and had to put on a smile pretending all is fine. It is very exhausting and draining. Just remember tough times don’t last tough people do! Best of luck and my thoughts are with you!


  2. First, I am jealous of your poetry writing ability! Second, I am glad you are opening up to all of us about your pain so that we know and can appreciate how strong you are when you come to work each day.

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    1. Thanks! I used to write poetry a lot in high school. Don’t know how good it was but I wrote it. I’m not sure this is amazing poetry writing but I appreciate your comment 🙂


    1. Thank you. It is somewhat comforting or at least cathartic. If I can’t do anything about the pain, at least I can write about it. Get it out of me. Do something I enjoy with it.


  3. This is a powerful piece. It’s fabulous that you are able to articulate this four letter word so accurately within a poem as it’ll help others gain insight to what you are coping with. (Keep copies of this poem in your purse and hand it out when you are having an excruciating day! Ask for help when you need it. e.g customer service at grocery stores can get an employee to help you shop.)

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