A silver lining

I’ve been having a rough go of it lately. Pain, work stress, more pain, hitting cars, insurance companies, home stress, did I mention pain?

After rear ending someone last week, my car is still at the shop…they haven’t even started working on it because the insurance adjuster hasn’t gone to see it even though they said they would yesterday. So I’ve been without my car since Monday. Monday and Tuesday didn’t matter since I was home from work because of a painful back procedure. But now I’d like my car back!

My husband drove me to work today. And a very kind coworker drove me home today and will for the rest of the week.

So in my effort to post something slightly less dismal than yesterday, my silver lining is that I am here at home. Alone. In quiet. With no kids. No husband. For likely 2 hours. And I will enjoy every bit of the it.

8 thoughts on “A silver lining

  1. Dealing with car stuff is the worst! I can’t stand it. Plus, I’m single so it basically guarantees I’ll need to rent a car in these scenarios. We really rely on our coworkers in times like this and I’m glad your school is supportive like that!

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