A gift that could not have come at a better time

My principal has been working on a project for all of the staff members lately. He asked other staff members to give him two adjectives that described another staff member. He then, put all of the adjectives into a Wordle, framed it and presented it to that person at a morning meeting, one or two people at a time. He started it a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been anxiously awaiting my wordle!

Well, the other day was my day! It could not have come at a better time. I’ve had such a crappy couple of weeks, and this really lifted me up. But not only because it was a nice gift on a bad day, but because of the words. The words that people used to describe me. Not how I see myself, but how THEY see me. In a time when I often feel lost in the undertow of despair and anxiety, these are the words I need to see.

My favorites are Brave, Strong, Inspiring, and Awesome (I really want to know who wrote that one!). Organized…not so much, lol.

It’s on my desk at school, and I need to look at that all day long. And remind myself of all of those words. All of those things that people think I am. All of those qualities they see in me. And keep telling myself those things, over and over.

New Doc 2017-03-23

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