Shopping Spree

There was another blog that wrote about using the fitting room with her daughters. I said that I hadn’t actually ever had either of my children try anything on in a fitting room. Then, the next day, where was I at? The Kohls fitting room with my 3.5 year old daughter trying on a million dresses and jammies. I thought of the blogger when we walked in the tiny room.

It was Saturday. I told Sarah earlier in the that we would clothes shopping just the two of us, right after nap. She grows anxious throughout the day, waiting for the time to go. “Is it time to go yet? Is it time now?” No, little one. Not yet. After nap. 4:00 p.m. rolls around, and she awakes from her sleep in her Disney princess bed, unable to contain her excitement.  She is the girliest girl I have ever met, so I knew this would be a memorable outing.

The second we arrive in the clothing department, it was free for all! “Mommy, I want this! Can I have this? This one is SO pretty!” Pure delight in every word and facial expression.  When we had half of the store’s inventory in my cart, we head to the fitting room. As she slips the first dress over her blonde curls, a half moon eyed smile creeps across her face…then…  “I want to see how it twirls! … It twirls really good!” Next on the agenda, fluffing her hair and admiring her beauty in the 3 mirrors. I say, “Hm, Sarah, you might be a little vain.” To which she answers, “No I’m not! I’m pretty! Do you think I’m pretty mommy?” LOL.

As each flowered dress, pink skirt, or polka dot night gown was modeled, her excitement grew to elation. She was in heaven. And the sparkle in her eyes as dress after dress goes in the “yes” pile was my heaven. These special trips are the fun part of being a mommy.

We finally finish and bring her treasures to the register. She carefully and methodically places the items on the counter, perhaps imagining herself as she dons each one of the new garbs.

We walk out of the store hand in little hand. It was a great day.

5 thoughts on “Shopping Spree

  1. I have an almost 3 and almost 5 year old. We went shopping with Grandma yesterday and I actually thought about what it would be like to be in the dressing room with them. Your post has inspired me to write about our experience. I’m glad it turned into a great experience for the two of you!


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