A grape pops through her tiny, pink lips. I can hear it crunch and squish against her teeth, as her little mouth moves up and down and all around. Her eyes move from here to there, looking at nothing in particular, as she tastes the last bite of the yummy grape she has been enjoying.


In goes another grape. I can’t keep my eyes off her 4 year old cheeks rolling around the sweet fruit inside. Chubby enough to show she’s not quite a “kid” yet, but not chubby enough to be a toddler anymore. But just chubby enough to feel like I must hold on to these memories. She looks so little and sweet right now. It won’t be long before the innocence of this little moment will be left only in my mind.


In goes one more grape. She smiles at me with her half moon eyes. How is she so good at turning a lunchtime side snack into the best part of my day?

Time to go upstairs. She grabs my hand. The grapes. The hand. I’m done for.

5 thoughts on “Chomp

  1. I love the way you capture the joy of watching her. Relish these moments both with your words, photos and mind. They go so quickly! Can you spend the next 30 days capturing these slices of her world?

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  2. Love this. Such a sweet, beautiful snapshot of a few minutes with your little girl. I miss that age, but even though my son is 7 now, It’s always those little moments that make our day and that we need to hold onto as they grow up so fast! Thanks for sharing your slice with us!

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