Magic Kisses

My 7 year old son has magic kisses. Yep. You heard me. Magic. Kisses. MAGIC. Amazing right??

Magic kisses work on everything from stress to migraines to backaches to just needing a little extra TLC. That’s better than anything your doctor or liquor cabinet can give you, right? (okay, let’s not go that far) But don’t you wish you had some magic kisses?

What is a magic kiss? It is THE PERFECT kiss, right in the middle of my forehead. Perfect length of time. Perfect pressure. Perfect amount of love applied by my first born baby boy.

There’s just one little problem. He only gets a certain amount of magic kiss fuel in his tank each day. I know, what a bum deal, right? He loves giving them out to his mama (he saves them only for me!) but like tonight, as our snuggling bedtime routine was ending, and his lips were leaving my forehead, he exclaims, “Mama! I’ve run out! You need to refuel me!” Which of course, only a mama can do. So I gently place my lips on his forehead, press down with juuuuust the right pressure, hold for juuuuuust the right amount of time, and release. “Yes! I’m all powered up now!” He announces, smiles, and climbs back into bed.

The world is a better place. My son has enough magic kiss fuel to magic kiss another day. Which is VERY important to this mama.

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