White cocoa and purple blankets

My happy place.

A mug of white cocoa with my name on it (literally, the mug has my name on it 😉 ). This one was hand made by my sister in law. It’s beautiful, I absolutely love it, and I’m pretty sure it has magical powers.

I’m kind of a sucker for my name on things. Slap it on anything… a bag, an ornament, a sign, even something as exciting as a pencil!, and you’ll see me light up like a Christmas tree. Heck, the medicine cabinet is full of little bottles with my name on it! (okay, I don’t get so excited about those ones) Add the date, and I may just explode.

Anyway, my happy place. First ingredient, the mug with the WHITE cocoa. Next ingredient, a purple blanket. We have plenty of blankets in our family room. But I wanted a PURPLE blanket. Only a purple blanket holds the key to unlocking extra happiness in my life. And it couldn’t be a regular family room blanket. I love relaxing on the couch with comforters. And it’s harder than you  think to find the perfect purple comforter that will unlock extra happiness in your life. But after a long and tireless search, I found it! And ever since, life has been a little better. Snuggling up with it after a long, stressful day, is just what the doctor ordered. Add in the white cocoa in the personalized mug, and I’m in a little piece of heaven.

Now…if I could only get my name on that blanket….

8 thoughts on “White cocoa and purple blankets

  1. I totally understand about the blankets. I just folded all of ours up in the living room and put them in their spot! The white cocoa has me intrigued. I am imaging warm, white chocolate….mmm.


    1. The kind I drink has more of a vanilla flavor actually. I do have some white chocolate kind too but I like the vanilla kind better. It’s Land o Lakes Arctic white. Sooooo good. Best there is in my opinion and I think of myself as a connoisseur 🙂 I’ve tried a lot!


  2. Your happy place sounds amazing. I totally agree about finding the perfect blanket. I guess I sort of do the same thing when I’m picking out new yarn to make scarves or blankets – I feel for the perfect softness! My favorite line – snuggling up with it after a long, stressful day, is just what the doctor ordered – just perfect!


  3. I’m so intrigued by the white cocoa–totally going to try to find such as this. I love your cozy post. YAY! for perfect mugs of warming deliciousness with fab blankets.

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