Suck it Trebek

A short trip down memory lane to Saturday and one of the worst migraines ever…that lasted all day. But nevermind that. Let’s take a look at the poem!
M issing the birthday party at the not so quiet trampoline place. You know, cause that sounds like the PERFECT place for someone one with a raging migraine, right??? We’re at a friend’s house for their son’s birthday party. We got there early to let our kids play. We’re getting ready to leave. I’m in my shoes and coat. I’ve been thinking all day about telling them I’m going to stay behind but figure I’ll just go anyway. Then the friend mentions staying home and says I just should and my husband agrees. They didn’t have to twist my arm! I yell good bye to my kids, do a 180, and head right back inside! I kick off my shoes, throw my coat on the ground, head upstairs to their bedroom, and pass out in their bed.
I mitrex can suck it. What a tease. You work twice, give me incredible hope, and then on the day when I have one of the worst migraines ever you decide to take a vacation? Not cool man, not cool.


G et me a saw and just take the top of my head off. Or find me Sylar from the TV show Heroes. Zachary Quinto needs to just come do his super human finger laser/saw thing and rip off the top of my head. He can even take some of my powers because at this point all he’s going to get is chronic back pain, the desire to tear his own head off, and the strong urge to throw up. Have fun with that, psycho.





R emote. Can I figure out how to work this remote?? After I wake up from the my nap, I know that everyone won’t be back for over an hour. But my friends have a weird way of controlling their tv. It’s a computer mouse. And then once you turn the TV on, I have no idea, if I’ll be able to figure out where anything is on the computer or however their tv is organized (they don’t have cable). But thankfully, I turn it on, click one thing and the choir of angels sing!!! There’s the Netflix Logo!!!!!! Now I just need to search for Vampire Diaries. I find the search button. But there’s no damn keyboard!!!! All I need to do is type in a flippin’ V!!!!! That’s all!! I start to panic. Sweat is dripping down my forehead. And then…I see a little keyboard icon in the corner! I click it…and it’s the tiniest damn keyboard in the history of the world. I don’t have the keyboard memorized, so I just click. It’s a c. Crap! So I get my phone out and look at the keyboard. I’m one letter off!!! I go back and find the V. Success! And the angels sing (maybe angels don’t sing for Vampires??) again!! My precious Vampire Diaries pops up!!
A pple pie. They all got back from the party, and it was loud as hell. I was thinking of putting ear plugs in. Or going back up to that comfy bed. But then someone came in with apple pie. So there’s that.
I an Somerhalder. Yep, that’s right. He doesn’t cure my migraines, but he certainly doesn’t hurt either! Staring at my current man candy obsession’s (and I MEAN obsession… I recently bought a VIP package to meet him in August…SQUEEEEEEEELL!!!!) face for an hour while I rewatch The Vampire Diaries (yep, I just finished watching all 8 seasons in 4 months in October, and I immediately started watching them again) is definitely a nice distraction from the hell I’m going through with my migraine. Hey, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do to survive, right?



N apping. I was hopeful that it would make the migraine go away, and it didn’t, but at least that was 90 minutes I didn’t have to feel that mind searing pain. And who doesn’t love a good nap?
E xplode…3…2…1…BOOM.
S eriously…

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