Cuddles, Part 2

My little one. My baby girl. My force to be reckoned with who came into this world whether her mama was ready or not. My 4.5 year old going on 18 big girl. My little one who says things like:

  • “When can I have honey? How do bees make honey? Does it come out of their butts? (sticks butt into the air and shakes it) I think it comes from their Butts! Do they sting you with their butts?”
  • “Why are they catching those fish in nets? Fish need to be free! They need life!”
  • “Of course I sweep! Fairies sweep. And I’m a fairy. So I sweep!”
  • “Well…I didn’t know where the math books were for so long, so I forgot about them annnnnnd now I’ve turned into a crafty girl.”
  • Daughter: “Why shouldn’t we let cats go outside?” Me: “Because if she gets outside, she might get lost and animals outside could hurt her.” Daughter: “Oh, (totally serious and adorable innocent) like dinosaurs?” Me: “No, there aren’t any dinosaurs anymore.” Daughter: “Tigers then?”
  • Daughter: “I know! We can just hang toilet paper over the scratchy parts on my ballet costume!” Me: “That’s a great idea…we’ll see if we can figure out any other ideas too….” Daughter: “(rolling her eyes and sarcastically speaking) “Well, that’s the only my idea I have.”
  • “Do mermaids have butts?”
  • “Is the sun hotter than fire? (yes) huh…good to know.”
  • “Why did God make ducks to not like being held?”
  • “You know why I love peanut butter and jelly? Cause it’s sticky. And sticky rhymes with dizzy. And I LOVE being dizzy!”
  • “The song “No” (by Meghan Trainor) is not appropriate. She keeps saying no. No is a bad word. Like when you say no when your mama wants you to do something.”
  • Daughter: “Vamanos!”  Son: “What’s that mean?” Daughter: “It means….get out of the way!”

My little one. My big girl. How different she is from her brother. By the time she got the neck strength to pull it away from my shoulder (which was pretty stinkin’ early!) she refused to hug and cuddle. What the heck? A 3 month old who doesn’t want to nuzzle against her mommy or daddy’s shoulder? She constantly had that little head pulled away, looking out at the world. So eager to soak it all in. It’s probably why now at 4.5 years old she can probably teach her preschool class, she’s so darn smart. But mommy just wanted to cuddle her baby! I would often cry because I knew she wouldn’t be a baby for long and that little stinker just wouldn’t hug me!

It took until she was almost 2 before she finally started giving in, lol, and would rest her head on us every once in a while. And if we left the house or at bedtime, she would finally start accepting hugs, though only semi-willingly. Sometimes, we would make a game out of it, and then I would get lots of hugs! She would as run as fast as she could across the room, almost tackle me, and wrap her little arms around me. It was awesome, and I treasure that.

As the years have gone on, she has slowly warmed up to hugs and cuddles. But it still has to be on her terms. On the couch, SOMETIMES, she’ll come lean against me, and inside, I’m the happiest mama in the world. But I don’t dare say anything for fear of spooking her!

At night, when I would LOVE to lay with her and sing, like I do with my son, it’s a no go. But she does have her own special way of wanting me to sing to her. And honestly it’s still pretty snuggly. Just her kind of snuggly. She wants me to sing to her in her chair…while she lays on my lap. It’s actually pretty great. But try to lay next to her in her bed, and she might just shove you out! “you’re on my leg! I have no room! (probably because the giant bunny is taking up most of the room, but the bunny takes precedence over mommy) I don’t have enough blanket!”

The Monday after daylight’s saving, she actually was still sleeping when I had to get my son up. That never happens. So I could actually sneak into her bed and snuggle with her!! It was AMAZING!!!! Unfortunately, I was running late, and I had to get my son’s breakfast ready, but I soaked up every incredible moment of that mommy daughter cuddle. Annnnnnd, the next day, she told me that she waited in her room for a little bit to snuggle, but I took too long to get there, so she came out of her room! I was so bummed, so I said, well let’s go back in, and she let me!! And the next day, I made sure to get out a couple minutes early so we could do it again, and she did!! So maybe, just maybe, she’ll start sharing her bed with mommy a little more.

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