Tiny Dancer, in my car

A couple days ago I wrote this Tiny Dancer slice. Today, I was inspired to write more.

I typed the letters in the Amazon Prime search box: t.i.n.y. And up pops up “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John. A big smile spreads across my face when it says that it can play the song for free instead of only for unlimited users, which is always a huge drag. This means, I can play it for my tiny dancer in the back seat right now like I wanted.

I press play and the piano introduction begins to play. I peek back at my daughter. Business as usual. Elton and I begin to sing, “Blue jean lady, LA lady…” I peek again. She continues to look around the car, in her own little world. He sings a few more lines. And then it happened. “Ballerina, you must have seen her…” I look at her, and in an instant, joy washes over her face. Her eyes sparkle. She smiles wide. She doesn’t have to say a word. She knows it’s her song now. She begins to sing along with me. And Elton. She continues to smile and sing and smile. I sing through some welling up tears.

Mommy, can we hear it one more time?

6 thoughts on “Tiny Dancer, in my car

    1. It is pretty special. I have other songs that remind me of her. Ones she loves. The song I made up for her when she was born. But this is the first one that the words really speak to me, grab at my heart, and just are… Her.

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