How many spills?

Today is one of my favorite days of the year! First, we take the kids to the Easter egg hunt at the park across the street. I love being able to walk to this every year. So easy and low key. It’s more of a race than a hunt. There are hundreds of eggs just thrown in a field and when they say go, it’s a free for all! But the kids have fun. My daughter was beyond excited all morning, and when we called her over to get in line, her exuberant reaction was just too much to handle 🙂 She just kills me. My son on the other hand…last year and this year, he has decided he doesn’t want to do it. He’s got some anxiety, and it’s all just a part of that. But once the race was on, he immediately started helping his sister. “Here’s one Sister! Look there’s one with flowers on it!” He continued to follow her around, pointing here and there, when we finally tried a little, “hey why don’t you grab one.” We have to be really careful how we talk to him because it’s really easy to spook him. But sure enough, he started picking them up and dropping them in the bag. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. To see him participating…I can’t even put it into words how amazing that made me feel.

After the dust settled, we headed home to dye some eggs! I have loved this since I was a kid. Even before my husband and I had kids, we dyed them, just the two of us. And now, it’s even more fun to see them have so much fun doing it. Yesterday, my son told us he did not want to color any eggs. It was hard to hide my disappointment. Despite his lack of participation in the egg hunt, he has always liked coloring eggs. The more we talked with him, it came out that last year, he must have cracked an egg while trying to color it and he maybe thought one of us got upset with him? We reassured him that was no problem and that in fact it’s fun to crack a couple because then you get to eat them! When the egg hunt was over, my husband had talked to him and apparently they had come up with a plan to make eggs to look like all of the Mario characters. Awesome.

Coloring started and one by one, the cups of dye filled up with eggs. While I usually go the traditional route, my daughter loves decorating in all fashions: stickers, markers, paint, crayons. And no matter what it looks like, she thinks it’s beautiful. “Isn’t mine beautiful? And everyone else has made beautiful ones too!” She’s so sweet and considerate. As time went on, little hands continued to grab eggs from cartons and draw, stick, and dunk the eggs. And then, WOOPS. Down goes the cup of bright green dye. All over the table, the floor, and my daughter. We were sure not to make a big deal out of it since it was my son who accidentally knocked it over. After a big cleanup, we were back in business. Coloring up a storm. Maybe 20 minutes later, WOOPS. Down does the cup of purple dye. This time, my daughter was the spiller. It wasn’t quite as big of a mess, but still required a cleanup. 7 years of dying eggs with the kids, and we have never knocked over a cup of dye. Not even when they were babies! And now twice in one day! Not a big deal, more funny than anything.

We luckily finish up without another spill. I did eventually get to decorate some of my own eggs when the kids finally lost interest. I got to sit at the table by myself and color a few in my favorite Easter colors. I love it.

At lunch right afterwards, you guessed, WOOPS, down goes a full cup of water. Guess we just have the spills today.

But it has been a great day. One of my favorite days. Egg hunts. Egg coloring. Doesn’t get much better than this.


6 thoughts on “How many spills?

  1. Living right across the street from the park, that sounds like so much fun. My kids are bigger now so I miss those community egg hunts. But, we still enjoy coloring the eggs. It sounds like you had a great day. It’s wonderful that both your daughter and son were able to enjoy it.

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  2. My children are 18, 16, and 14 years old and told me this year that they didn’t want to color eggs. I can’t tell you how much I miss the spills! Next year, I may dye eggs myself and spill a cup or two. Enjoy your little ones. . . they grow up too fast!

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    1. They already feel like they have grown too quickly! Can’t believe how big they already are at 4 and 7! I see pictures from just a year or 2 ago and miss those littles.

      I would totally dye eggs next year if I were you! My mom just called me today and said she was doing her tonight.

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