Little hands in my hair

“Can I do your hair?” A somewhat common question in our home. Unfortunately, mommy has curly hair, so often, doing my hair isn’t so easy. But today, she seized the opportunity as my wet hair was pulled up in a semi-straight ponytail.  Soon, my hair is  cascading to my shoulders, ready for the miniature stylist to do her magic.

Her 5 year old hands softly sweep through my hair, pulling here, tucking there. It’s  magical. The tingles you get from anyone playing with your hair are magnified because it’s the tiny human whom you made and whom you love with all of your being smoothing your hair away from your face.

She continues her work, combing her fingers through my damp mane. She stops to consider color and style options. All purple on one side, all pink on the other. Perfect. “It’s the best style I’ve ever made! It’s…dazzling!” She announces when her masterpiece is complete.

And I am left with a beautiful hairstyle and the memory of her little hands in my hair…hoping to hold on to it forever.


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