What’s for dinner the day after tomorrow?

5 year old daughter, “Wouldn’t it be nice to know every day what we were having for dinner? Like how we have pizza every Friday?” Me, “Yes sweetie. That’s called meal planning.” LOL. Like it’s this magical, unattainable thing. Do I like cooking? No, not really. Do I like thinking about cooking? Definitely not. Then why did I avoid meal planning for so long?

It sounds like this big, scary undertaking. I have to plan a meal for more than one day?? I hear people talk about it and how they prepare all of the food for the week on the weekends. Not gonna happen in this house. We need weekends for resting. And I can’t stand or sit long enough to make one meal, let alone prepare for several!

But a few weeks ago, I sat at my desk and made a list of everything I know how to make. I was surprised at how many meals were on the list. 33. I know how to make 33 different meals. So why are we having cereal or spaghetti every night?? Because when you wait until 5:15pm to make the decision, everything takes too long, or you don’t have the ingredients, or mostly, your kids have sucked away your brain cells, and you are physically unable to make a decision about food. So Cheerios it is!

After I made my list, I started adding each meal to my Google Calendar.  Click, type type type, click, DONE! Next! In under 15 minutes, I knew what I was having for dinner for the next 6 weeks! It wasn’t stressful. It wasn’t overwhelming. In fact, it was the opposite. This wave of relief washed over me when I realized I didn’t have to think about dinner for weeks! And we’re actually having different meals every day. Meals we haven’t eaten in years. Because I forgot they existed. But now here they are in their yellow highlighted glory all over my calendar, saying “It’s okay Natalie, we’ve got this.”

My daughter seems to think the next step is to memorize the entire month. First thing in the morning, “Did you meal plan? What’s for dinner today? What’s for dinner tomorrow? What about the day after tomorrow? What do you call the day after that??” You call it, leave me along and go play. That’s what you call it.


10 thoughts on “What’s for dinner the day after tomorrow?

  1. Wow! Six weeks! That’s impressive! I only do one week at a time. I should try making a list of all the things I can make/we like… I love that idea! I feel as though all we eat is steak, pork chops, tacos and spagehtti! I’m definitely making that list this weekend! Thanks!!

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  2. This is amazing. I don’t have the self-discipline to do this. But, I like how you made a list of everything you knew how to make. I never thought to do that. Maybe I can plan meals when I can just look at a list of things I can make rather then think of possibilities (scroll through pinterest) and then plug them into a calendar.


    1. Exactly! It got so much easier then I just had a list in front of me and just plugged them into the calendar. And I just checked it off when I put it on there so I knew not to do that one again until all of the others were done.

      I still look on pinterest and the like for suggestions to eventually add to my list. But I do that other times, not when I’m trying to meal plan or cook.

      If I can do this, ANYONE can do this. Really!


  3. This post cracked me up, because I am the cereal for dinner queen! Also pretty funny that you would get the meal plan daughter- at age 5!


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