Free cone day, almost

I look forward to it every year. Free cone day at Dairy Queen! But alas, today I had a procedure for my back so I couldn’t eat anything before it and couldn’t go out to get it after. I was going to make my husband just buy me one (which seems sacrilege on free cone day) but then this morning when I was putting away something in the freezer, I saw it.

The Dairy Queen “cupcake” I bought myself a few weeks ago and then forgot about. Even better than a cone!!

5 thoughts on “Free cone day, almost

  1. I saw this advertised, but I forgot about it. Ice cream cones scream summertime too me. Can’t wait for a warm up around here. Wishing you a speedy recovery!


  2. Seriously. This is one of the reasons I need to watch TV! Next year, during SOL I need you to write a slice about it a few days before it happens so I can remember.


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