Strangely excited about lawn care

Despite not feeling like a functioning adult (as my blog title tells you), I definitely am an adult. Why else would I be strangely excited about hiring a new lawn care service?? Like, giddy!

When we moved into our house 9 years ago, my husband did our fertilizer. It worked okay, but I soon decided I wanted better. And after some research, I figured out that hiring a service wasn’t really much more expensive than doing it ourselves. We hired Green T and our lawn looked much better that first summer. Little greener and fuller. WAY less weeds. I was happy.

But into the second or third year, I realized our yard wasn’t SO awesome. They would come out and spray for weeds and leave big, dead circles in our grass. They tried to tell me it was some kind of fungus or something that did that, but it was totally from their sprayer. I started thinking of getting a new service. But that takes time. Mental energy. Goals. And apparently, I didn’t have any of those things.

Then last year, I get a notice saying that Trugreen bought out Green T. And that’s when things really went downhill. It took weeks for them to come out for a weed service call in between applications. They would come out and say, “I don’t see any weeds” and leave. WTF? One whole side of my lawn was nothing but weeds. And the grass was just generally starting to look like crap.

So finally this year, I worked up the gumption to “quit the bank” (any Friends fans??) and cancel Trugreen. I am now trying a more local company who gets fantastic reviews. And I’m weirdly excited! When can they get started??!! When will I see that new lawn sign with their logo on it in my yard?? When will my yard look fantastic??! All things that a person should not be so excited about. But I am! It also just feels good to have taken care of it. And I think it is also helping me look forward to Spring, warmer weather, flowers, and being able to be outside.

3 thoughts on “Strangely excited about lawn care

  1. It’s always the things you would never think you have to deal with, that come up and make us so happy when there’s a solution! I hope this new company works out well for you- good luck!

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  2. I hope you like your new lawn care company!! Charlie and I are house/townhouse shopping. As much as I do love a fresh looking lawn, I’m leaning toward the ease of a townhouse with no lawn care responsibilities…


    1. Our first home together was a townhouse. It was very nice not having any of the the shoveling or lawn care to do. But it’s also really nice to have a yard. We knew we couldn’t stay in a place too long that didn’t have one. Especially with kids.

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