What’s better than a Jolly Rancher? Why, melting it in the oven and turning it into a lollipop, that’s what!

My daughter has been begging to make lollipops for a while now. Well, it’s Spring break, might as well fill the days with fun (and super easy!) activities like this. She arranges them on the cookie sheet, one just a blend of 2 flavors, the other strawberry with a vanilla melt in the middle. We pop them in my brand new toaster oven (that I love!!). She keeps a close eye on them.

“This is kind of boring,” she says as she walks away for a couple minutes. But then she scurries back as I yell, “They’re starting to melt!!”


When they are finally ready to come out of the oven, we leave them to cool and she continues ask “How long will it take for them to harden???” I assure it won’t take long. And just a few minutes later, we peel them off the foil and voila! Homemade lollipops!


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