Slumber party!

“Mommy is going to sleep in my room tonight!” She tells anyone who will listen to her. “We’re having a sleepover!”

My 5 year old daughter has been asking begging me to sleep over in her room for months now. I blame myself. I think I mentioned it at some point because I heard some other super mom friend did it. What was I thinking? I’m not that good of a mom! But once it was in her brain, it wasn’t leaving.

I told her we would do it over winter break, but that came and went and we both forgot. So we rescheduled for Spring break. And she was not letting us forget! As it’s gotten closer, the frequency of her reminders has become daily. Starting 2 days ago, she began planning out the activities. “We have to have snacks! And games! It wouldn’t be a sleepover without games! And we can do each other’s hair! That’s definitely something you do at a sleepover!”

The day comes and she is bursting at the seams. “I’m so excited for tonight!! I actually want bedtime to come!” As evening rolls around, we clean up her room a bit to make room for a mattress on the floor, which she decides she will sleep on because she wants it to feel different. I’m happy to let her…her bed is more comfy!

We arrange all the blankets and pillows. Gather our snacks and hair accessories. We hug the boys goodnight (they are having a little guy time) and we close ourselves up into her pastel purple room for the night.

We do hair. We play games. We tell stories. (“This is fun, making up these stories!”) We watch a movie, cuddled up on her mattress, with snacks in hand. Then we finish the night with a must of hers… Drawing for each other.

I tuck her in bed and sing her a song. She says, “I usually wait just a little bit before I got to sleep.” but I insist she close her eyes and fall asleep right away, as it’s late. She’s unsure if she can but then a minute later, I can already tell she’s fast asleep.

I’m writing this slice while laying in her bed, her dreaming away next to me 🙂 I probably should go to sleep too. She’ll have me up early in the morning, and I’m not sure how well I’ll sleep.

I blow her a kiss, and we’re both off to sleep.

UPDATE: Slept pretty poorly. Not her fault. Ugh, it’s going to be a long day!

4 thoughts on “Slumber party!

  1. So fun, it’s too cute all of the elements of the sleepover she needed: games, snacks, hair time and stories. I’m sure she will be asking for another sleep over soon! Hope you sleep well tonight!


    1. She had said that pillow fights were definitely part of sleepovers too and were a must but she forgot and I did not remind her, lol!

      And she already asked if we could do it again! Not any time soon honey.


  2. Okay, this is adorable. Your daughter must feel so loved.

    Also, this made me laugh: “What was I thinking? I’m not that good of a mom!” Hahahahaha.

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