Level 6

Levels of Exhaustion and Pain

Level 1- Resting

Level 2-Hanging around the house

Level 3-Running errands, Cleaning the house, or shopping

Level 4- Attending a party

Level 5- Throwing a party



Level 6. I’m at level 6. Good night.

4 thoughts on “Level 6

  1. Adulting is a pain in the neck, isn’t it? I am recently looking at all my friends with slightly older kids or no kids’ spring break photos and I am secretly dreading my spring break.. Aghhh.


  2. Omg. The commute and finding parking alone brings me to a 3. Playing at a museum all day with kids means you’re gonna need some loaner spoons this weekend!


    1. You know, the commute was super easy this morning! I was shocked. 45 minutes, zero traffic. Parking, super easy. Then the friends we went with are members, so they got us in for free with no line! So all that made it so much easier. If all that had been worse, I might be at a level 10!

      But it was still a whole day at a museum playing with my kids. So yes, I’ll take spoons from anywhere I can get! Luckily, we have no plans tomorrow!

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