That’s a wrap on year #4!

I usually don’t end the month with a “this is the last slice” slice. I love writing these blogs so much that I don’t want to waste one that I could be writing something clever and funny or emotional and stirring. But… I’m at my in-laws, and it’s already 5pm. And I have nothing creative in my head nor the time to write it if I did.

Soooooo….you’re getting a “this is the last slice” slice! This was my 4th year doing the challenge, and I loved it just as much as ever. It reminds me that I love writing. And that I’m pretty great at it. It is cathartic for me. And it helps me get some fun memories down as well. I love when I see views pop up, knowing that someone is reading something I wrote! My heart leaps every time I see the number of views go up! And if there’s a comment…my whole day is made 🙂 So thank you to all who have stopped by and put a smile on my face. I’ve loved having you here in my blog.

See you next year! (or maybe on Tuesdays!)

4 thoughts on “That’s a wrap on year #4!

    1. I actually almost forgot about it this year! But apparently I had notifications set for mark’s blog, so I got an email on March 1st when he wrote his first slice. I was like, holy crap, it’s already that time again! Glad I saw that in time. I really enjoy doing it.

      See you next year!


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