My sensitive little boy, so full of love 💙

He massages my shoulders during dinner.

He offers his hand and says, “I’ll help you upstairs!”

He gently brushes his hand back and forth on my arm, for no particular reason.

He heats up my food for me when it’s gotten cold.

He reaches out and tenderly rubs my aching back.

He embraces me and kisses the top of my head.

He asks, “Can I have a kiss too??”

He comes back for one more hug.

He is my sensitive little boy, so full of love 💙


Free cone day, almost

I look forward to it every year. Free cone day at Dairy Queen! But alas, today I had a procedure for my back so I couldn’t eat anything before it and couldn’t go out to get it after. I was going to make my husband just buy me one (which seems sacrilege on free cone day) but then this morning when I was putting away something in the freezer, I saw it.

The Dairy Queen “cupcake” I bought myself a few weeks ago and then forgot about. Even better than a cone!!

Oodles of Noodles

No matter who you are, we all have comfort foods from our childhoods. The food that your mom or dad made you when you were sick. It might have been Mrs. Grass soup (I always loved watching the “egg” dissolve), or bread and butter, or plain old chicken noodle soup. Mine was “oodles of noodles.”

There is actually a brand name called Oodles of Noodles, but I can’t remember ever actually buying/having that. We always got Marchaun brand. But my mom always called it oodles of noodles, so that’s what they were and still are. I didn’t even know until college that it was even called ramen (I guess I didn’t look at the package very carefully!).

Whenever my stomach was upset, there would be a pot of oodles of noodles cooking on the stove, ready for mom to serve me. Long, yummy noodles to slurp like spaghetti and delicious broth all swirled together to form a delicious respite to my aching stomach.

I’m on day 4 of ceaseless nausea (among some other sporadic things). It seems to be getting better, but very slowly. I turn on the stove to heat up the familiar meal. It tastes like childhood and makes me smile.

Until I’m done and then that pesky nausea creeps back in.

I got nothing, again. Haiku’s

Did not sleep last night

Up and down with yucky ache

Slept all afternoon


Can’t get out of bed

Feel like I’m going to hurl

Please let it stop now


Hubs and kids miss me

Not my fault that I can’t mom

Wish I could kiss them


This sick is bull $%@

Be gone stomach ache demons

You are not welcome





All I have today

I had a sudden wave of nausea wash over me a little while ago. Is it my normal nausea? Am I getting a migraine? Am I getting what my son had the other day? Not sure. But don’t feel great right now. Tired as hell. Achy. Kinda want to barf. Hoping I can make it to my son’s last basketball game later today.

So, this is all I have today. Can’t think of funny. Can’t think of clever. Can’t think of sophisticated or poignant. Just trying to keep my breakfast in. Ugh.

The Leprechaun ☘️

Darn you schools for having to do fun, cute, and magical activities with my children. Shame on you for fostering their imagination and encouraging them to believe in things. What were you thinking???

Last year in preschool, my daughter’s class did all sorts of St. Patrick’s Day activities, complete with a Leprechaun hunt and trap. When they came back in their room, he had made a mess and some magic. She asked to make a trap at home, but I somehow managed to distract her long enough to get her to forget 😁 This year, in PreK, again they made some fun St. Patrick’s Day festivities. A hunt, a mess, and gold coins for each of them. Again, she asks to make a trap at home. I try to discourage the making of it without squelching her imagination, but she’s older now and will not be held back. She’s got an arsenal of arts and craft supplies that would make Martha Stewart jealous. She’s going to make a Leprechaun trap one way or another. So I help her wrap the box, glue on the rainbow tunnel and ladder, and pick out Lucky Charm marshmallow shamrocks and pots of gold (it just so happens I had bought a special box of St.Patrick’s Day Lucky Charms!), all the while telling her he may not come or we might not trap him. He’s pretty sneaky, you know.

It’s not that I don’t want my kids to believe in fun, magical things. We do Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. I’m all over those. Love ’em. But that’s where I’d like it to end. We don’t do elf on a shelf. And we’ve never done leprechaun stuff before. She wrote a letter to God the other day and wanted him to take it. Seriously kid??? She was super disappointed when the letter was still sitting on the table the next morning, but my husband and I decided, we were drawing the line at turning God into Santa Claus and taking things in the night. But then a few days ago, she made a fairy house and swing and hung it in the fake tree we have in our foyer. She put jewels in the swing and wanted the fairies to take them. I begrudgingly took the jewels and left her (and my son) in amazement the next morning.

But now, of course, she wants the fairies to come every night.


I told her that I didn’t think they would come every night. She reluctantly accepted this reality. But now she wants to make this damn trap. So make it we did. She really thinks she’s going catch this guy. She’s already making plans for what to do with him once she does. “I’ll be nice to him. I just want to catch him so he doesn’t make a mess!” She also says this though, “If I don’t trap him, I’m not doing this ever again. Because then he’ll know I have a trap!”

Next year’s problem solved. 🍀☘️🍀☘️


The Fairest Kind of Love

This past Saturday I had the privilege of attending the book release party for The Fairest Kind of Love by Crystal Cestari. This is the third and final book in her Windy City Magic YA (but appropriate for down to 5th grade) series. I have known Crystal for 21 years. We met as silly choir girls in high school who loved to sing and goof around. We made memory after memory in our choir room, the stage, and on countless out of school performance gigs, as well as the coffee shop, movie theater, each other’s houses, and countless concerts 🙂

It has been her dream to become a published writer, but she wasn’t sure if it would ever happen. But her dreams came true and even bigger than she could imagine when Disney Hyperion made a 2 book deal. (She is obsessed with all things Disney) And now she a third book and another stand alone coming out next year!

Fairest came out last Tuesday. For her first book, The Best Kind of Magic, I went to Barnes and Noble to find her book on the shelf and purchase it from a real bookstore! It was so cool! Last year, I bought her second book, The Sweetest Kind of Fate, at Anderson’s bookstore when I attended an author panel and book signing right after it released. This year, I decided to preorder it so I could have it here at my house the day it came out! And so I could start reading it before her party. (I have been known to wait months and months to start reading them and then take FOREVER to finish. So I thought I’d try to do better this time) So Tuesday morning came and I see a package on my porch. Hmm…I don’t remember ordering anyth— yaaaaaaaaay!!!! It’s Crystal’s book!! So that was fun.

Here are the links to her three books. You can read the synopsis there, but the basic gist is that the main character, Amber, has a witch for a mom, but Amber’s only magic is matchmaking. When she looks into your eyes, she can see your soul mate. And drama and humor ensue 🙂 They are great books that you or your kids/students will love!

New password cannot be old password

I love that Outlook values my security. It’s great they don’t want a hacker taking over my email. I mean, God forbid someone start sending spam back to the spammers.

I’m trying to get into my spam email account. You know, the one you make so that you can sign up for crap so that your real email doesn’t get bogged down with all that garbage? And so you can get multiple deals when some awesome sale or giveaway needs an email address. Well, I was trying to do just that. I almost ALWAYS have a Kohls % off coupon. But of course, right now when I really need a new toaster oven (just a small fire a few days ago…no biggie), I can’t find any. The only one I do find is one that requires you to sign up with your email. I type it in, hit send, and then remember, I can’t get into that freaking email.

I tried several months ago with the same results as today. It goes something like this:


At this point, I’m fighting this urge:


So I click on “forgot password.” It asks for another email to send a code to. Okay. *click click click* in goes my main email address. Get the code, enter it in. This is when the fun really begins.

  1. First and last name, address and phone number (WTF? There’s a phone number and address associated with this email?? Well, I think I created this account in 2003, so…)
  2. Father’s middle Name- at least I know this one!
  3. Type in other passwords used (grrr…see first meme)
  4. Have you used any of these Microsoft products with this account? WHAT?
  5. Email addresses of recent senders. This is ridiculous. Let me check my contact list…oh wait I can’t get into my fricking email!
  6. Subject lines of recent emails. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?
  7. We will email your main address to let you know if you’ve provided enough information to recover your account.- You can save yourself the trouble because I already know you’re going to say no, ya jerks.

And they say no. What more do they want from me?? Birth certificates of my great grandparents? Pictures of all my distinguishing marks? My first born? (today, they can have him! Kidding, kidding…) So now I’m at this point:


I’m pretty sure they are the only ones who can get me into my account at this point.

And then you know if I EVER get into it. They will ask me to make a new password:


UPDATE: OMG, they let me in!! My 3rd try and they let me in! I have been deemed worthy!

Update #2: and the damn email I was looking for isn’t even there.

No one poops for that long.

The jig is fricking up guys. Yes you, men. The men who scurry off to the bathroom and only appear hours later. The men who can’t wait act like adults and hold it a few minutes while they help their wives with a screaming baby who has poop halfway up their back or the whining kid who doesn’t want to do their homework or JUST NOT LOSING HER SANITY. I’m talking to YOU.

Seriously, I’ve had to hold it for hours before because I’ve got to go to this appointment at that time, then pick that kid up from that place, then bring said kid to the store with me to get that stuff, then take that kid to that doctor’s appointment. And it goes on and on. There is never time to poop. And you know what? I live. These husbands act like it’s a pooping emergency, and if they don’t get in there RIGHT NOW they might crap their pants. Well let me tell you…unless you have the stomach flu or IBD, if you had to go that badly, your bathroom visit shouldn’t last longer than it takes to watch an episode of Friends.

But they sit in there. And sit. AND SIT. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely known to hide in the bathroom for a little while and scroll through my phone. But maybe 10 minutes, TOPS. Last night, my husband had just gotten home before dinner. We finish eating and immediately he shuts himself in the bathroom. I had already cooked dinner and was now cleaning up the dishes. I also helped my daughter with a project, helped my son with legos, ordered the kids upstairs for bed, oversaw their bedtime routines, and held my daughter down to get drops in her eyes. And he was STILL in the bathroom. This is LITERALLY true:


I pushed with my daughter for 40 minutes. FORTY. He was in there for 45 minutes. And I was pissed. Unless he came out of there with a newborn, heads were going to roll. And roll they did.

This is not new for him either. And every one of my girlfriends say the same thing about their husband’s. I need you to hose down the mountain of dirty dishes in the sink.  I need you to break up the cage match going on in the family room. Sorry! Can’t! HAVE to poop!


It’s not always the suddenness of the pooping. It’s also just the timing itself. We have to leave in 45 minutes. You go take a shower first while I do our daughter’s hair. 20 minutes later, still no shower on.


So I get in there, take my shower and get out and he’s still on the toilet!! So of course, now there’s only 15 minutes left before we have to go so now he just gets to take a shower and get himself ready, while I have to pack snacks, fill water bottles, tell the kids to get their shoes on, find whatever the heck we need to bring with us, tell the kids to get their shoes on, get my shoes on, give the kids their medicine, tell the kids to get their shoes on, pack up the car, get my coat, and lose my S@#% when the kids still don’t have their shoes on. He comes sauntering in to the kitchen and asks if we’re ready to leave.

tenor (1)

So to all you men, especially husbands. GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM. Or expect consequences.