You ordered him a lunch and he brought one

That’s the message I just got from his teacher before they leave for their field trip. (A field trip, I’m not going to lie, has me a bit freaked because of coronavirus.) Anyway, I totally forgot that A MONTH ago, I ordered what looked like a required cold lunch for the trip. It didn’t say anything about “you can order this lunch OR you can bring a lunch.” Just says “choose which lunch you want.” So I did. Silly me.

Then after that muddled information exchange, they send home a reminder yesterday that ONLY says something about BRINGING a lunch. Nothing about, “oh yeah, just a reminder, you might have picked a premade lunch 4 weeks ago. So in that case, don’t send one.” Because you know, nothing has been on anyone’s minds since then. And it’s super easy to remember everything all the time. Especially when it’s what your kid is having for lunch NEXT MONTH.

So I guess my lunch goes in the trash. Moving on to the next parental screw-up. I’m sure there will be many today.



7 thoughts on “You ordered him a lunch and he brought one

  1. Such a different perspective. As a teacher (but not a mom), we can forget how our words impact parents. I hope the teacher was just busy and not ill-willed. You should focus on the fact that you’re such a good mom that you gave your kid 2 lunches! 🙂


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