…and it scares me.

I felt it today. Stronger than before. The desperation. The fear. The panic. In others and in myself. I hadn’t been in a store yet that had shelves left completely empty. In fact, this same store just 3 days ago had a very different atmosphere and availability of products. To now see row upon row of cleaning products, toilet paper, bread, meats, hand sanitizer…just wiped out. It was eerie and scary to see such a familiar place, a place I spend a large part of my life inside, look so…unfamiliar. So barren.

There was a feeling in the air and among the shoppers that something big is coming. What exactly it is, we’re not sure. We have ideas. But as the impending doom slowly bears down on us, we’ll only know when it’s here.

This is unlike anything I have ever witnessed…and it scares me.

11 thoughts on “…and it scares me.

  1. Me too. I am TRYING to remain positive and upbeat. These are crazy times; yet, most people will have mild symptoms and recover. The isolation is tough. I’m walking a lot…


  2. I know what you mean. I saw a woman in a drugstore the other day with a shopping cart filled with boxes of kleenex. Did she really need so many? And a week ago, one woman bought out my drugstore’s entire stock of hand sanitizer. I wonder why the store let her do that. It helps to stop and take a deep breath — no one thinks well when panicked. And look for sound information at the CDC website, if you haven’t already done that.


  3. Couple days ago Superman came home from shopping & assured me that Pick n $ save has loads of TP, hand sanitizers, water and canned goods so if Target is rationing out hand sanitizers, not to worry. Yesterday, he had to go to three stores to pick up some more TP. Today, Amaze went to pick up Tortila at Festival and the whole parking lot was filled; people were hoarding stuff. Luckily, no fights. Our local stores are rationing items to give everyone fair chance. May the better nature and good sense prevail.


  4. I went shopping for a few things this morning… there were some empty shelves, but restocking was ongoing… people were talking to each other and being friendly… later on local news they were showing other stores with super long lines and lots of empty shelves… my daughter texted that people were being so pushy she ended up leaving her cart when she tried to get groceries…


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