Game night

We have a couple who are our very good friends from college. Ever since graduating, we started the tradition of game night. We would shoot for once a month. Worked out great for a long time. We’d trade off who’s house we would play at. It was so much fun and built a great and lasting friendship. The game nights started with no kids, then they added one, then another on their end. I guess we wanted to be cool like they were so we added a kid to the mix. Then they added twins! And last but not least, our little Sarah! So game nights these days look different than they use to with 6 kids running around! Luckily, they entertain themselves while the adults chat and catch up. Sometimes there is more catching up to do than others because all of these kids schedules get in the way of planning our fun! By 9pm, we ship the kiddos off to bed, and the adults can play!

We just have so much fun with them. The husband is just hilarious, and I just really enjoy chatting with my friend, the wife. Our game of choice is Euchre!! I love Euchre! And they are our Euchre friends 🙂 They are also avid Friends watchers so it’s so fun to be able to go back and forth with friends quotes that I know they will get!

Back in January, I contacted them to try to get together soon. When I opened my texts with her, I couldn’t believe it had been August since we last saw them! Unfortunately, it took a date 6 weeks in the future for all of schedules to line up. It was on the calendar. And now we wait.

But last night was finally the night! The husband always seems to have a new game to try out with us in addition to our required euchre playing. They are usually hilarious and super entertaining. If you have never played “Joking Hazards” and you’re not easy offended, give it a try. It’s kinda sorta kinda in the genre of Cards Against Humanity. But with pictures and lots of uncontrollable laughing. Maybe even some crying from laughing!

We played a round of euchre, the women barely losing to the men, and then moved onto Joking Hazards. And politically incorrect and inappropriate hilarity ensued. It’s not a game unless you at least ALMOST spit your drink out at least once.

And drinks we had! I actually don’t drink that much anymore. Anything but wine flares up my fibromyalgia. And I don’t love wine. So, I just don’t do it that much. But I decided to enjoy a few glasses. It has been a very stressful couple of weeks topped off by finding out that the entire world is closing, including the schools. My anxiety has been through the roof, so these were well earned drinks. And they really did the trick!

It was just a fun night. A night to get all that’s going on off my mind at least for a little while.

4 thoughts on “Game night

  1. It sounds like you gave some terrific friends! I think we all need to give ourselves permission to let off some stress and remember that we can still do a lot of fun things, even while social distancing.

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