Beauty among all the chaos.

Anxiety is running high over here. Growing stronger with each day. But I made my family go outside today and I made sure to take a walk over to my newly sprouting bulbs.

I planted them last Fall. My first time ever. I have wanted to do this for years and just never did. So this time, I did! But there’s a lot of hurry up and wait that goes on with bulbs. You have to get them in the ground before it gets too cold. So I’m planting like mad. And then…..nothing happens for months.

And you start to wonder, did I do this right? Did I plant them too deep? Not deep enough? Too close together? Not close enough? Will an animal get to them? Will they just not make it through their first winter? Will they just die because of my black thumb??

And then. Just then. You see it. You’re not sure at first. So you crouch down and squint a little and…yes! That’s a sprout! And wait, there’s another! And another! And then day by day they get bigger and more sprout, and you start think, YAY!! I did it right!!

ANNNNND you start to get so excited for the beautiful color explosion that is soon to come to your yard. Color you’ve never had before! Some of your favorite flowers that you no longer have to just admire in other people’s yards when you are out for a walk. But right there in MY YARD!

So it’s this sign of life that made me smile today. On a very anxious day. That some things are going on as usual. As planned. And there will be beauty among all of the chaos.


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