Day 1

We did all stay home yesterday, but today was Day 1 for just me and the kids. It went pretty well!

I am still trying to come up with some kind of schedule even though I have never ever been one to schedule days off. We are a go with the flow kind of family. But after seeing the millionth “COVID-19 SCHEDULE” posted on FB, I figured I’d give it a try. And I’m hoping it keeps us from watching TV or playing video games all day long every day like we did when the kids had the flu 2 weeks ago.

That schedule isn’t finished, so we just used it as a jumping off point. We did “thinking” play, like Legos, chess, and crafts. We did a little TV. One educational one, one of their choice (They love the educational ones anyway). We went for a bike ride too! It was kind of chilly, but it felt good to get outside and get moving. And hot damn! We even did some school work! And they didn’t complain. I’m shocked.

I’m not sure if every day will be this productive or without them trying to kill each other turning me into a screaming lunatic, but at least I can say we got one good day in if the rest all go to hell after this!

5 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Yes! 1 good day at a time! I’m the same – trying to have some routine, some schedule, some expectations… because if it just feels like sick time, or summer time, we might all go crazy. …

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  2. I’m wondering if I need to figure out some sort of schedule for myself. It’s definitely going to be odd to be at home managing remote learning . We’re kind of building the plane as we fly it. Sounds like you had a good flight today. Congratulations on having Day 1 under your belt.

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