Rats! He escaped again!

My 6 year old daughter was set on making another leprechaun trap this year. Last year I resisted. And too funny, last year she said, “If I don’t trap him, I’m not doing this ever again. Because then he’ll know I have a trap!”  But here we are again this year, and she’s all over making another trap, shhhhh! I mean, um, Salsa jar. (He can hear you, you know). So, I went with it,  enjoying watching her get so into it and have so much fun. And her design was very minimalistic this year, so that helped too, lol. Plus, we’re stuck in the house, so what else are we gonna do??!

So here it was last night, with a trail of Lucky Charms, a jar that says “free gold,” fake gold inside, a ladder to get in, and sticky tape lining the sides and bottom. All her idea. 90058787_10222293933918087_6857523296519323648_n89976875_10222293934398099_1547235047528988672_n

But that darn leprechaun managed to eat up and make a mess of the trail, get in the jar, grab some of the fake gold we left for him (boy will he be surprised when he really looks at it! 😉), and escape the sticky trap! He did leave some shamrocks behind in the tape, maybe coming off his clothes as he tried to escape? Then he also went to our pantry, found some green cereal to write “Hi!” What a silly Leprechaun. Maybe we’ll catch him next year!


6 thoughts on “Rats! He escaped again!

  1. Ha ha! Love this game. I recall it being a little out of scale when played mornings of March 17 in our open pod classrooms. Mayhem. But fun.

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