Illinois is closed.

Illinois is closed.

This doesn’t affect me and my kids too much. We’ve already been staying home all week anyway, other than my grocery runs and one doctor’s appointment.

But “Shelter in place.” It just feels bigger. Scarier. More alarming. More anxiety provoking.

We’re trying to hide from an invisible enemy.  We have no idea if we already have it and/or have taken it back to our homes.

Each day seems to bring a bigger bombshell of news of the virus. What’s next?

I’m afraid.



7 thoughts on “Illinois is closed.

  1. It is hard to fight what you can not see. Fear is growing. I know we will get through this, but I don’t know if things will ever be as they were before this started. Yes, we are all afraid.

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    1. Not a whole lot different than we’ve been doing already. They want us to stay in our house except for to go to the gas station, grocery store, pharmacy, doctor. Or deemed “essential work.” if you have the ability to work from home, “you must.” you can still go outside for a recreation or exercise as long as you keep distance from others. Chicago closed all their parks. Governer said for the rest of the state that was up to mayor’s.


  2. I keep waiting for that show to drop. Anxiety about the invisible thing we are battling is hard. The unknown is hard. Change can be hard. Your post concisely captures all of that so well!

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