The star stands for joy

While stuck in the house, we’ve been reliving my childhood. The other day, during a Meijer run I picked up a set of these:


My 6 yo is an avid crafter. And when I was a crafty kid, these bead and iron sets were one of my favorite things to do!  I was a little older than she is now when I started, but after waiting on it for a few years, I thought she might finally be old enough to try this! I was also crossing my fingers that she would even like it. She loves crafts, but her taste is very particular, so I knew there was a fair chance she would crush my childhood dreams by saying no before we even got the package open.

To my delight, the pictures on the box piqued her interest. After opening it up, seeing all the colors, and things you could make, she was beyond excited to start her first one! After choosing the heart shaped pegboard, she got straight to work, working her little fingers to drop the tiny plastic beads onto the short, crowded pegs. “This is going to take forever!” She announces after placing the first few pegs. But she remains resolute in her devours and moves on to the next color in her self selected pattern.

In less time than “forever,” she places her last bead. “I did it! It didn’t take forever! Can we iron it right now?????????” We head upstairs to make the magic happen and complete the project. In only seconds, I let her see through the iron paper how the beads are melting together. She is giddy with excitement and can hardly wait for the iron to conclude its task. The paper is pealed off and “Wooooooowwwwww! It’s so cool!!!!”

From there on, she has been in love with this craft, which thrills me and my 11 year old self. She made all of these in this picture, plus a pencil this morning. All designed completely on her own. No pattern. 20200320_104944

After she made this star, she places it in my hand and says so very innocently, “Here mommy, this star stands for joy. Now you can have joy.”


Thank you little one. I could definitely use some joy right now.


5 thoughts on “The star stands for joy

  1. Well she’s just adorable. Thanks for letting us in. So cool when you can pass down stuff like this and it clicks. Nothing like it. This was a really beautiful thing to read today. Awesome.


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