Accidental eating

With my chronic pain, comes lots of injections. Injections that require sedation. Sedation that requires no eating before I go. My daughter is in afternoon kindergarten, so these appointments have to be after she leaves. So that means no eating until at least 3pm each time.

Have you realized how hard it is to not eat? I’m not talking about that you’re hungry and you really want something. I mean, it’s hard not to ACCIDENTALLY eat. Especially when you have to still make food for other people! How cruel is that?

When making food, you probably don’t even realize that you usually pop a grape into your mouth when you’re getting them ready for your daughter to eat.  Or lick the peanut butter off the knife (or you fingers) after making your son a PB&J. Or mindlessly stick your hand into the French Toast Crunch cereal box and shove a few in your mouth. OR not eat one bite of the delicious popcorn your stinker little daughter asked for when she knew I couldn’t have any!! How amazing of a mom am I that I actually made her that damn popcorn? That smelled amazing. That looked amazing. That I could practically taste! She’s lucky she’s cute. 

Despite it being rather difficult, I am actually always very good about it. There have been some close calls, none worse than during a trip to Aldi before my procedure one day, picking up some produce. As humans do, I planned to eat one grape to make sure they taste okay. I reach out my hand to the grape bag. Pluck a juicy, red one from it’s stem, and…POP IT IN MY MOUTH!!! The second it hits my tongue, alarm bells start sounding in my head. RED ALERT RED ALERT, food in the mouth area! Now luckily, the warning signal went off before I actually bit into the grape. So now I have this full grape in my mouth, which don’t taste bad, but is not super pleasant. WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS GRAPE NOW? Well, you look right, look left, and spit it into a kleenex and then jam it in your purse (Never to be remembered again). Then breathe a sigh of relief that you don’t have to cancel your very hard to get appointment because you at one grape.

Not accidentally eating is hard!


One thought on “Accidental eating

  1. I have had to fast because of procedures I have had so I thoroughly understand. Food is comfort. Often we just pop things in our mouth when passing without even thinking. We usually have a bowl of grapes out at all times. I generally pick up one or tow when passing without even thinking.

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