Scared to go to the hospital

Scary evening.

My 6 year old daughter had been having a terrible stomachache all afternoon. She gets chronic benign stomachaches, so I wasn’t too worried at first. I gave her some “tummy candy” (preggie pop drops that I use for my own migraine induced nausea). That usually helps, but an hour later, she was back, looking worse, saying it still hurt. We tried her “pink medicine” (chewable pepcid complete that she takes every day). But it kept going and going no matter what we tried. Each time I checked on her, she said she felt worse. And she just looked worse. These stomach pains seemed to be much more painful than her usual ones. I made beans and rice for dinner (her absolute favorite),and she didn’t want to eat it, which REALLY says something.

Soon, she couldn’t move without moaning in pain. The movement seemed to make it worse. She refused any food for a while, but then eventually ate some toast. But it didn’t make her feel any better. We tried to get her to drink some juice. At first she refused, but when she finally did drink some, after a few seconds, she started screaming in pain and holding her lower left side. I don’t know what exactly the juice could have done, but it was something bad.

As the evening went on, she started yelling in pain more often and crying more inconsolably. Her little face and body looked pained and lethargic. I finally decided that I was going to the ER. A decision I did not take lightly because of what I knew I might be bringing her into at the hospital. But I felt like at this point, I had no choice.

Before going, I instead decided to call the on call doctor at her pediatrician. Upon calling back, she said it did sound concerning, especially with how it hurt to move, she didn’t want to move, and didn’t want to eat. She told us to give it an hour or 2 max, and if it was still that bad (or worse) or a fever started at any time, we should take her in.

By this time, it’s 9pm. She’s usually asleep by now. But she kept saying “I can’t go to bed like this!!!” So to keep an eye on her and because she was probably right, we watched another movie for a bit. A a few minutes in, it seems to slowly ease up. At this point, she looked utterly exhausted and said she wanted to go to bed , which we took as a good sign. My husband carried her up to bed. While tucking her in, she seemed to be moving around with little or no pain, making me feel comfortable in keeping her home and letting her go to sleep. I kissed and hugged her goodnight and reassured her that if it started to hurt at all, she should come and get me.

Thankfully, she slept through the night and is perfectly fine today.

But man, for a while, it was not looking good…my stress level through the roof thinking about what might be wrong with my baby girl. And being scared to take her to a hospital. How terrible that right now, you fear having to go to the hospital because you might get sick 😦 It’s a fear that rides along on every bike ride, scooter ride, or even rough housing at home. My brain is saying please don’t fall and break something, please don’t hurt yourself too badly, please don’t make us have to go to the hospital. Sigh.

For now, I am just happy, relieved, and blessed that little girl seems happy and healthy.

6 thoughts on “Scared to go to the hospital

  1. Your poor daughter. I can’t imagine the stress you and your husband were under. I am glad things got better and hope she in in much better health now.


  2. That is so scary for all of you especially with the fear of going to the ER right now. Thank goodness she seemed to recover but for mom it can be beyond stressful. Thinking of you all.

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  3. I can’t imagine that stress, but I am glad she got better. The mother of a friend of mine fell and broke her leg, and she had to go alone. They would not let her husband go with her. Frightening times.


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