Guess Who?

My sweet, snuggly 10 year old son is really good at playing on his own. He will find toys and activities to fill his time on his own, not often stopping to ask me to play with him (unlike his little sister!).

On many days, he does ask his dad to play swords with him. But it’s only every once in a while, he’ll walk up, kiss my forehead (he actually does that part a lot), and say, “Mom, want to play a game?” And it doesn’t matter how tired or in pain I might be, the answer is always yes.

Today, he asked and then surprised me just a little when he asked, “How about Guess Who?” I thought for sure he would ask for Uno, but this is another one of his favorites. I replied, “Sure!”

Now this isn’t just any Guess Who game. It’s MY Guess Who game. From when I was probably his age. So not only am I getting to enjoy quality time with my son, but even the game itself holds a special place in my heart.

He gets it all set up and as the people cascade over with their familiar “bump bumpity bim sound, all of the old familiar faces stare back at me. Joe with the 80’s sized red glasses and yellow mop of hair on top his head. Grumpy Alfred with the overgrown ginger mustache. And Maria (the coveted card then and now) with the green berret and look on her face like she knows something we don’t.

And the questions begin. Does yours have a big nose? Does yours have rosy cheeks? Does yours have a hat? Is yours bald? Does yours have yellow hair? Is yours Anita?! “Want to play again?” my son asks me. “Yes.” I reply. The people get flipped back up, we choose a new characte,r and we’re off with our questions once again.

He could play this game all night. We play again and again and again. He smiles as he gets closer and closer to guessing my card.

That smile…his happiness…is all I need right then.

8 thoughts on “Guess Who?

  1. I absolutely loved the game Guess Who. So fun that you still have your original game. I bet the new ones are not even close to the same.


  2. We have that game too, but the newer edition. I love game night with the kids. I’m sure once they start driving they will be harder to corral into game night with their parents so I’m enjoying it for now.

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    1. I love it! His other favorite is Life. And again, it’s my Life from when I was his age. And it’s one of my favorite games, so I love that he loves it and I love that I get the happy nostalgic feels when we play 🙂

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