Future Slice of lifer??

My sister in law got my 7.5 year old daughter a journal as a little gift today. She was immediately excited when she saw it. “I can like, journal in this??” Yes! I told her. My son chimes in, you know like mom does her blog. You can write in there. I love that they know about my blog challenge and how much I like it. (When my daughter was in preK, for mother’s day, they wrote a “my mommy always…” and she wrote “writes in her blog” and drew a picture of me at my computer πŸ™‚ She worked on it March, so it made sense. So cute though)

She pulls out a pencil and attempts to write, but gets frustrated and says to me, “I don’t know what to write! You have so many good ideas and write about such great stuff!” I told her, ummmm…I wrote about Cheez it’s the other day, lol. Not exactly Shakespeare. It’s not always amazing subjects, just something that strikes you and then you just run with it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

So I listed a few things that I wrote about this month…cheez its, a lamp, a walk, flowers, a song, finding melted candy in my pocket…and she suddenly says, “Oh! I know! I can write about seeing the cardinal in the bush!!” I told her that was great and off she ran to get started.

She doesn’t want me to share her entry because she said it’s meant to be kind of private (but I am so happy she let me read it), but I will just say, it’s so good!! We have been talking about similes because the Ramona book we’ve been reading has a ton of them, and so she used 2 really good ones! “As red as a ruby” and “a mask like a bandit.” (she was okay with me sharing those 2 quotes). So good! And the whole thing had such good voice. And great descriptive words!

I just love that she sat down on her own and wrote a whole page! I love that she is loving writing. I love that she has sensed my love of writing. And I love that she is so good at it! This is not the first thing she has written that I have been impressed with. She has written a few stories that are pretty awesome too!

Maybe she’ll be in our SOLC one of these years πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Future Slice of lifer??

  1. This is fantastic. We learn by watching others. Your daughter has a great role model. I like how you shared what you wrote about during the month and explained that not everything has to be earth shattering it just has to move us in some way.

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    1. I didn’t realize until after I posted that she just passed away yesterday! 😒 I had been waiting a long time to introduce Sarah to Ramona. I had my box set of 4 of her books from when I was a kid ready and waiting. She finally wanted to try them out about a year ago. It was so special to share them with her. That they were my books from when I was a kid. And they were the stories that meant so much to me as a kid.
      Sarah and I just finished Ramona and Her Mother last night and are super excited to move on to Ramona Quimby, Age 8. I am so happy Sarah loves them now too. Especially since so far, as we’ve read them, Ramona has been the exact same age as Sarah.

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