Snail Mail

In the least year or so, I have taken up writing cards to others. It has become something I really enjoy doing. Imagining what their face looks like when they get real mail in their mailbox that is normally bogged down by bills and junk mail. I know it always makes me happy when I get something like that.

So every so often, I sit down with my growing piles of pretty, cute, and colorful cards and write down short notes to friends who I just feel like saying hi to. Others I know are having a hard time, so I address that a bit while also just spreading some cheer. I send notes of thanks. Thanks for something they did for me. Or just thanks for being a good friend.

Sending some cards has been on my to do list for weeks now, and it kept getting pushed off. So today, after all of our other activities were over, I pulled out my writing bucket and went to work. Kitten, flowers, butterflies, and stripes filled each card I wrote my happy message in. And now I will walk them out out and pop them in the mailbox and do my favorite thing every since I was kid…put the flag up 🙂

And then I begin to wonder when they will arrive at their destinations and how each person will react. It doesn’t matter how. I have already gotten my end of the joy from it.

10 thoughts on “Snail Mail

  1. I absolutely love receiving a letter or card in the mail. It is something I have done for my students from time to time. I think it makes them feel important and special. Just like us.


  2. Joy planted with a tangible activity. How fun to sort through your choice of cards, knowing all the while that the recipient will smile knowing that someone took time out of their day to think of them.
    Handwritten cards do stand out and for that are cherished

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  3. Letter writing is a lost art. What a nice surprise the recipients when they pick up their mail expecting bills and junk and then finding a note from you. I am sure it makes their day.

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  4. This is SO cool. And putting the flag up? Golden. What a great idea to keep alive this lost endeavor. Such a great thing to get a card in the mail, but I love that you point out that the giver gets just as much enjoyment. Such an inspiring slice with a great message.

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  5. You perfectly described the joy of sending off something that you know will make another person’s day. I am always giddy with anticipation about when it will get there. Each year when I send my Xmas cards I get so excited to hear from the first person who appreciated getting one.

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