Hiking, family of 4

The kids are on spring break. My husband took the day off of work. Now what? I’m not a camper and we don’t often even hike too much other than on flat trails, but I suggest walking/hiking at a forest preserve and the plan unfurls from there.

2 years ago, just the two of us, my husband and I explored Waterfall Glen in Lemont, IL. It was pretty and we had said we should take the kids there sometime. Well, a year go away from us and then, well you know those pesky pandemics and how they like to ruin your fun.

So today was the day. The are back open. The weather is beautiful, if for just a bit extra windy. Off we drove to Waterfall Glen with all 4 of us strapped in the car and loaded with snacks, water, masks, sweatshirts, and towels in case the kids wanted to walk in the river.

The first few minutes on the trail start off the excitement with passing by lots of loudly, ribitting frogs. We continue further where each child acquires their perfect walking stick. No walk or hike is complete without one. We meander through smaller trails through the woods, but end up back on the main trail that heads to the waterfall.

You can hear it coming long before you can see it…from the rush of the water and the yelling excitement of children enjoying their time there. My kids get excited when the arrive. Cool!! It’s so pretty! Now don’t get TOO excited. It’s not THAT big of a waterfall. if measure from the bottom to the top, it’s about 7 feet. But it’s all broken up by rocks and makes for a beautiful site and lovely bubbly sounds.

My daredevil of a daughter has already decided she wants to take her shoes off and wade across the rocks to try to make it all the way around the river and over the water fall. And she pretty much did it! I love her go get em attitude and spirit! My son was staying on the sidelines. Not because that’s where wants to be necessarily but because he’s just too scared to try things sometimes, unfortunately.

After snacking at the water fall, we hiked more, up and down steep sides of the small canyon that nestled the river at its base. I was thankful for the tangle of roots and stones that served as natures staircases to help you climb up or down the hilly elevation.

By the time we made it back to our cars, we were all exhausted. The kids, in unison yell, “Andy’s!” The local frozen custard place down the road. So to Andy’s we navigated.

It was a great day. Spent in nature. Spent with family.

Now I’m ready for a nap.

5 thoughts on “Hiking, family of 4

  1. Perfect way to spend a family day. Tired at the end, but a good tired. Glad you and your family had such a great day. I like your daughter’s spirit. It will serve her well.

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  2. I love this and I love the tangle of roots – great description! The best days we had with our kids were always outside- even if we had to drag them there to start. It also tires them out really nicely! Thank you for bringing us with you. A great day 🙂


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