Labor of Love…achieved.

I wrote about it just a few weeks ago. 26 years in the making…And…it’s finally finished! And my daughter is still 7, not 18!

I almost can’t believe it. It has been an incomplete part of my life, for 2/3 of my life. Always needing to be worked on. Always hanging over me as something left to be done. The project that might never be. A idea that may never be realized. An enterprise never to be accomplished.

But it IS finished. It’s not without flaws, with its very pinkness (a choice of my early teens), its imperfectly patched holes (after sudden, horrifying, and heartbreaking unraveling), and its awkwardly snaking periphery. But those unintentionally wavy edges and every stitch in between holds history embedded inside them. Each knot marking out the passing of time.

Run you fingers over the beginning white section, now dulled by time, and you’ll feel the needlework of an insecure 14 year old struggling to fit in. The hands of a 17 year old girl, who found a boy whom she would later marry, crocheted the next several rows. Still more stitches were looped and linked together by a young woman, excited to start her career in music education. A new bride beginning her life with her now husband changed more yarn into blanket. A mama to be moved her needle over more rows. Others stitches were created by the exhausted mommy of one while working full time. Touch the middle knots and feel the work of the fingers of a mama who held her daughter inside her belly.

Then the blanket lay dormant for a while, as it watched us live out our little life. I had decided I would not finish it. I had decided I wanted to just move on to something new. I had decided I wanted new colors that I had picked now, not as a kid.

But…my now 7 year old little girl asked me to give the blanket a second chance (or really a fourth or fifth chance) and breathed new life into it.

And so this labor of love, and work of more than half of a lifetime, received its final stitch from the hands of a mother of 2 kids and a cat. A wife. A daughter. A sister. A friend. A singer. A teacher. A connoisseur of vanilla creme donuts and red beans and rice. A fanatic of The Vampire Diaries and Grey’s Anatomy. A lover of dancing, reading, walking outside, watching TV, and crocheting. She completed it. I completed it.

I cannot contain my excitement and pride over finally, FINALLY finishing this blanket! I’m overjoyed that I can share it with my daughter. She was so surprised and happy to see it. I told her, I may not have known it back then when I was only 14, but it was fated to be hers, even before I knew her. She got teary eyed, as did I.

And now the blanket rests on her reading chair in her room. It has already kept me warm and cozy during our bedtime stories and will for years to come.

2 thoughts on “Labor of Love…achieved.

  1. Natalie, what a wonderful slice! The way you’ve shown the passing of time is so good; I’ve read your fourth paragraph a few times and enjoyed it more each time. Be sure to print this post and tuck it away. I’m sure you’ve read it to your daughter already, but I can’t help but believe she’ll enjoy it even more in the future (maybe as she passes the blanket on to her daughter).

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  2. Congratulations on finishing the blanket. I believe that the blanket waited biding its time until it knew its time was right. Now it gets to live its life fulfilling its purpose – keeping your daughter warm. I really like the way you weave aspects of your life into stitching of the blanket.

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