I got a job!

I hadn’t planned for it. Sure, I was starting to feel a little lonely. A little left out, as stay at home friend after stay at home friend got a part time job, leaving less time to get together with me. But I still hadn’t planned on taking an actual job. Maybe upping my volunteer hours at the shelter. Maybe getting another volunteer job? But…then a position opened up at my daughter’s school for a part time enrollment TA in a 5th grade classroom. And I started to think, heh, maybe that would work for me. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a commitment like that, but it was on my radar.

So last Friday, I asked the principal a couple questions about the position. She answered and said to fill out the online application. I had finished most of the application by Monday, but still had a few things to upload by Monday morning. So nothing was turned in yet, when I get an email from the principal asking if I can come in for an interview on Thursday. I said, sure! Even though she knew very little about me other than what I might have mentioned over the last 6 years while my kids have been there. But this seemed like a good sign.

I went in for the interview today and almost right away, she told me that I was her candidate of choice. She said she knew already that I was trustworthy, invested in the success of the school, and had teaching experience (although she didn’t know what kind at the moment). When I told her that it was elementary (music) school that I actually taught, that sealed the deal.

Sooooooo….I got the job!!! Pending board approval, I will start on 4/12 and work half days until 5/31. My first new job in 19 years!! And will be my first time working in 4.5 years!

It’s an enrollment TA, so the teacher is getting one because he went over a certain number in his classroom. I’ll basically be a second adult in there helping with the lesson. Taking small groups. Helping around the classroom when they are working on their own. Some clerical work. Helping with classroom management. I feel like I’ll be able to use lots of my teacher skills for sure, which is exciting. I often miss teaching, but just never enough to go back to it because of the stress of it all and the long hours. This will hopefully be a lot less stress and obviously shorter hours (9:45-12:30).

So, I got a job! I got a job! I got a job! This feels so weird! I just hope my body can handle it. But I think with the limited hours, I should be okay. And if not, I can at least tough it out for 7 weeks.

I got a job!

16 thoughts on “I got a job!

  1. Congratulations! And even if you do have aches and pains, if there is one thing teaching does is insist that you live in the present moment ALL DAY LONG. So, you will only be able to think about what is in the moment – no time for anything else! Good luck – and thank you for sharing the joy in your slice 🙂

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  2. Congratulations 🥳
    This sounds like the perfect fit. The best part is that you are the second adult in the room and don’t have to be in charge of the scheduling, conferences and all those additional tasks which are draining and ultimately deplete spoons.
    I am doing a happy dance for you 🙂


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