Did it puff up yet, mommy?

It’s the first day of spring break and so my daughter decided we needed to have a special meal to kick it off right. So she suggested a now family favorite (well, except my son doesn’t love it as much as he used to, but 3/4 aint bad, right?), German pancakes.

This sweet and rich recipe is so cool and delicious. Watching it bake is almost as fun as eating it!

It almost seems like magic as the seemingly innocuous ingredients combine in an enchanted dance of science and “Pfannkuchen,” and begin to bubble and puff, slowly at first but quickly tower over the sides of the pan in ways that seem to defy gravity.

The soaring and imposing outer shell looms over the decadent, crusted, golden brown center, shimmering like the sun as the melted butter brims up from the bottom and pools on the surface of the breakfast pastry.

And that’s when the pitter pattering of 8 year old feet come clamoring for the kitchen, “Did it puff up yet, mommy??” Her voice full of excitement and a little apprehension that she missed the big moment. Because, you see, once removed from its heated home, the mighty walls of the magnificent delicacy quickly deflate. And she wanted to see it all.

And together we watched it puff to its fullest and shrink down to be ready to eat. A family tradition on this start of our week together.

It’s beginning to bubble up!
It’s walls now stretched to their highest point
And now it is deflated and ready to eat! Yum!!

12 thoughts on “Did it puff up yet, mommy?

  1. This looks so yummy! From your post teaser, I thought it was going to be bread! I may have to look for a recipe for this. My family would love it.


      1. Thank you! I can’t wait to try this! We are big pancake eaters, so I am sure my family will love this.


      2. My other tip is to put the butter in the bottom of the pan and into the oven after you’ve mixed up your other ingredients. It really only needs to be in there a few minutes and I burned it the first time. So just watch it.


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